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6:45am - Wake up & start day with the breakfast of champions - a cigarette and a cup of coffee
8:00am - Take Paige to school and start working on the blog
9:00am - Some back-end changes take a bit of conversation among the Ed Team to work out logistics.
10:30am - Go outside to the garage to take a phone call from a potential advertiser. (Ever try to have a professional conversation with someone with four dogs in the house? Yeah. I go outside.)
10:45am - Kill three huge spiders that crawl on my foot while in the garage. Retain composure while squishing the not-so-little buggers.
11:10am - Walk back inside house after phone call. Unknown to me, a bee flies up my pant leg.
11:12am - Scream and drop trou in the dining room when the bee stings my knee. Bee flies out and quickly gets eaten by dog.

12:00pm - Shower
12:30pm - Leave to have lunch with Jerame's mom in southern Indiana
3:00pm - Back from lunch and back to the blog
3:30pm - Get a letter from the Marion County Democratic Party that really pisses me off
3:45pm - Comment confirmation e-mails are screwing up. E-mail 53 users who weren't confirmed to see if I need to manually enable their accounts. Start approving accounts as replies come in from readers
5:30pm - Go to grocery store
6:15pm - Get phone call while in check out line. I send it to voicemail.
6:30pm - Listen to voice mail. It's an attorney for the Woody Myers congressional campaign threatening to sue me for defamation over another contributor's post on Bilerico-Indiana.
7:00pm - Dinner and family time
8:00pm - Survivor and CSI
10:00pm - Start working on my response to the Myers campaign after e-mailing his attorney and getting an asinine response.
10:45pm - Finish activating user accounts from this morning
12:45am - Finish writing post about Marion County Democratic Party's letter
1:45am - Send finished Myers post to my attorney for review
2:00am - Go to bed

And now it's started all over again - at 6:45am this morning.

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You forgot: constantly IM Waymon to vent and plot. LOL...

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 2, 2008 11:40 AM

OK, This is salesman Bob who used to get up in the morning at 3:00 AM to drive 400 miles to Minneapolis for a noon appointment to save the cost of one night's hotel room. Also, I would work a full day in an area and then drive to the next area (100 miles) to find another cheap hotel and begin again. I did this for 27 years.

We do it because we love it.

I think you forgot to add, surf net for porn but pretend to be working.

oh, wait. that's if you worked in an office.

Pshaw, Sara. There are five people in this house. You think I have enough alone time for that?! LMAO

OMG, I heart you Sara!

Bil, I can't believe you were still in your PJs at 10:30 in the AM. That's got to be the biggest benefit to working from home. That and all the porn you can handle. :^D