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California marriage ruling's ramifications on Indiana

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"Ladies and gentlemen, this California opinion could NOT have come at a worse time for the Democratic Party. It will have repercussions in every state legislature in America, and to the detriment of the Democratic Party. This is because Democrats have historically been friendlier to gay interests, and this fact, respectfully, puts us ahead of the tolerance curve but squarely behind the popular opinion eight ball. In a state like Indiana, support has to be "quiet" for a lot of elected officials. Gay rights advocates might find that offensive, but pragmatism has to prevail, or there will be an anti-gay marriage amendment in this state.
"If I were hired by gay rights groups as a PR consultant to advise how they should speak on this ruling, I'd tell them the following: don't. Help the story die by not fueling it. Don't tout the meaningfulness of this decision in stories that will be researched, discovered, and sent to your opponents' funding sources with inflammatory letters.
"Sometimes the best political tactic is to sit still and let something pass away. Eric Miller and his people are going to churn this as best they can. The prudent play is not to help."

-- Hoosier blogger Chris Worden on the impact California's marriage ruling will have in Indiana.

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Yeah, no. I don't think so. I think the disillusionment with conservatives and what they've wrought for our economy is far too high for people to consider gay marriage a serious issue anymore. Given the number of people laid off in Indiana this year alone... The list of Republicans I know who are voting Obama is in the double digits at this point.

And it was one thing to see Bostonians getting married, but when Californians do it with every Hollywood camera on them, it will truly be a death-blow to the contradictory messages the right is sending about gay people being promiscuous pervs, and gay marriage will be solidly a part of popular culture.

I think California may well be the tipping point for much of America to change their thinking.

Ew. Yuck.

"Attention fags: shut up and stop shoving in our faces! I don't care what you do in the bedroom, really, that's your own business, but if you keep flaunting it like this, you deserve whatever you get. What's worse, you're making things harder on the rest of us, too."

What a load of bullshit. Equality was never won by hiding from visibility.

This blogger's line of reasoning leads to "Lawrence King deserved to be shot" and gay panic defenses and a president who ignores a deadly plague for years and false equality where we are only "tolerated" so long as we mimic the behaviors of the dominant culture and attempt to blend in.

It's not practical, realistic thinking... it's offensive garbage.

Mr. Fredrick Douglass said it best...
"There is no progress without struggle."