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Proving that a picture is sometimes worth more than just a thousands words, conservative activists in New Mexico are descending upon a local high school after student editors placed two photos of (gasp!) lesbian couples in their yearbook.

Students at Clovis High School decided to feature the couples in a section of the annual dedicated to relationships. Nine straight couples are featured, and student editor Maggie Chavez thought it was about time - and not a big deal - that the school's true diversity be on display in the yearbook.

"We just wanted to show that there is a diversity, there are gay and lesbian couples in the school and they have the right to be in the yearbook just as much as anyone else does," Chavez told the press. The photos, she insisted, were just a way of telling students, "'Hey this is happening; you should take notice of it," she said.

And take notice they have. A former Lieutenant Governor, the local "Christian Citizenship Team," and a few loud protesters (some of whom aren't even parents of students at the school) are all in the midst of a temper tantrum because some students decided that invisibility simply would not be an option.

In fact, the two photos have caused such a stir that one person has threatened to stop donating to school projects, and others are planning a protest outside of the school board.

Former Lieutenant Governor Walter Bradley, who described himself to the press as "a parent and concerned member of the community," told the media that "it's highly inappropriate to place that in that venue. That is no place for that type of negligent exploitation of our kids. I do not in any way believe this reflects the attitudes and values of this community."

Apparently, censorship is more in line with Bradley's "values," as it is with those of the Christian Citizenship Team, a local group that, in their words, "monitors political actions and social actions that come to bear on society that are counter to Christian doctrine."

Because, in case Clovis High didn't get the memo, Christian doctrine is now apparently the guidepost for everyone . . . Buddhist, Jewish, Athiest or LGBT students be damned.

In fact, all of those "concerned Christians" in Clovis seem to be the first in line to point fingers of damnation.

"I don't have a child in school, but I'm appalled," 'Team' member Will Cockrell said. "If I were the parents of those kids, I'd own that school."

Too bad he won't own his own bigotry first.

As Jessie Hardison, a student yearbook staff member, pointed out, "I believe God's OK with it. I don't think he cares what you wear, what color your skin is or who you're with. I think he loves you for who you are."

And who is the Christian here?

"It's time for Clovis to come into the 21st century and be OK with people," Hardison said. "Something little like this goes a long way, and if we keep doing things like this, it might change things."

It sounds like at least a few people in Clovis know how to be a class act, indeed.

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Yes, a protest was held. No true Christians showed up, however. But a lot a bigots did.

Kids these days . . . good for them for fighting back!

Good for the yearbook staff! :) I'm proud of them!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 28, 2008 1:19 AM

It would seem the students have a higher IQ than the former Lt. Governor. Maybe that is why he IS the former Lt. Governor.