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"Dad, why did you take me to a gay construction site?"

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They are doing major construction on the apartment below mine. I can hear what I am assuming is the construction guys' music right now, because it's coming up to my window from the window below mine. It's pretty much all gay thumpa-thumpa music circa 1991-1994. In the past half hour, I've heard "100% Pure Love," "Mr. Vain" (which I always thought was called "Mr. Big"! Shows how much I know!), "Another Night, Another Dream"... I was waiting for the Ace of Base to start, and, on cue, "Beautiful Life" started. And now they're playing "What Is Love?"* Um, wow.

Apparently, in addition to the steel industry**, the construction industry has also GONE GAY.

*Um... Does anyone else remember the episode of My So-Called Life where Ricki (aka the Queenie But Shy Latino Bisexual Boy) and Deirdre (aka the Sassy White Ambiguously Queer Fat Girl) BUST A MOVE ON THE DANCE FLOOR to that song after everyone experiences all manner of teenage rejection from their objects of affection? And the two of them save the day with their awesome 90's dance moves? I have a soft spot in my heart for that song because of that scene from MSCL. Oh, 1994.

**My favorite line from that episode: "Dad, why did you take me to a gay steel mill?"

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My partner is a backhoe operator on a construction site. The construction industry has ALWAYS been gay. ;)

Wasn't that also a theme on a Simpsons episode? And where do you live, because maybe I'll bring some lemonade over for the nice gay construction workers in the apartment under you... :)

I loved that Simpsons episode.