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Drag Queens and Assless Chaps- Weekly Round-Up

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It's my favorite time of year: Long Beach Pride! This will be my eighth LB Pride, and let me tell you . . . I'm so excited I could just spit! While I take in the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and oggle the Dykes on Bikes, here's your weekly round up action!

Destruction of the Black Transwoman Image - Monica Roberts
Q of the Day: NC Dems Party Like It's 2004 - Pam Spaulding

White People Look Out For White People, And Black People Look Out For Black People - Bil Browning

Florida Bully Principal Loses His Case But May Win The Battle - Waymon Hudson
3 Models of Transsexuality - Mercedes Allen
More on Dr. Kenneth Zucker - Alex Blaze

The California Marriage Win - Reason to Celebrate, Reason to Pause - Nancy Polikoff
A Conversation About Marriage, Same-Sex & Otherwise, Between Me & My Parents - Gina de Vries

Rape and Murder of a Lesbian Soccer Player - Patricia Nell Warren
Congratulations California! Go Buckeyes! - Kate Clinton
800-1000 Celebrate Marriage Victory in WeHo - Karen Ocamb

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Oh, Serena, your comments make me homesick for Long Beach!

Go have omelets at Two Umbrellas for me! Go enjoy the ocean breeze and look out over the Queen Mary from the concrete bench at the edge of the bluff there at Bixby Park!

But be careful crossing the street at Ocean Avenue and Redondo!

What are your fav Long Beach hangouts, Serena?

By the way ...

If you cover the hole in the assless chaps, do you end up with a chapped ass?

Just wondering ...

Hi AJ!

OMG, there are so many spots in LB that I love . . . Aki Sushi on 7th & Walnut is always a good time. And of course I had to get me some Thai BBQ while I was in town. We walked along the beach and took a nap under a tree in Bluff Park. I missed Roscoe's this time around. But I'll be back in June. So you know it's the first spot that I'm hitting.

The thing that I miss the most aside from Long Beach (aside from the greenery) is the ability to walk down the street being myself. I never feel quite right in Phoenix. No one says hello to you on the street. In Long Beach, you can chat up a perfect stranger while you wait for the bus and no one thinks twice about it. I can hold hands with the person I love and not have to worry if someone is going to beat the shit out of us. And I can sleep with the front door open to enjoy the ocean breeze without worrying about what the neighbors will think. Long Beach is truly the only place that I feel at peace.