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Engage a few more gears, Josh.

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Usually when I grind the gears in a car it's because I don't have the gear engaged. Now I'm not trying to say anything about Josh Gillespie, but maybe if he really thought about this, his gears wouldn't be grinding...

Now most of you who have been reading this blog since the beginning (or at least since the beginning of this years General Assembly) know that I believe marriage to be between one man and one woman, but believe that it is an institution of the church and that the state should stay out of marriage completely. But what grinds my gears more than anything with the California ruling, is that the court overturned what the people of California had voted on, approved and upheld. That bothers me. It would bother me even if it wasn't the state's ban on gay marriage that was overturned.

I'll say it slow, Josh. The Supreme Court decides whether laws are constitutional. The legislature and the people can pass any sort of law they'd like but if it's not kosher with the state Constitution it gets the heave-ho. It's an integral part of the American system of checks and balances; it works on a federal level too!

If California voters decided to ban guns or Toyotas though, apparently Josh would be perfectly fine with the Court shirking their responsibility. After all, it would "grind his gears" if the court overturned "what the people of California had voted on, approved and upheld." I mean, who needs the Supreme Court when we have the whim of the voters?

C'mon Josh. Your post is embarrassing for the lack of logic. Get it in gear.

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