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Filed By Waymon Hudson | May 31, 2008 7:00 AM | comments

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A cute, yet informative, cartoon about being gay.

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It was well written and produced, a pleasant, fact-filled four minutes of good information that supports the logical concept that identity and attraction cannot be changed. So why the sucker punch to bi/pansexuals at the end? Does a bisexual's fluid orientation somehow challenge the notion that attraction is innate? A bisexual has as much choice in their attractions as a Kinsey 0 or 6 has in deciding to whom they are attracted.

If the argument is that a bisexual "must" choose when it comes time to "settle down", then that begs a whole separate discussion about society's expectations of coupling and monogamy... and those expectations have nothing to do with an individual's genetically predisposed orientation or attraction.

The only choice any of us make is whether or not to be honest with ourselves and the people we care about.

It was a witty and well-produced piece, and i am glad you posted it, Waymon. It is just unfortunate that the B and the T in LGBT are so often either swept under the queer rug or the butt of jokes from a community that should be our allies as we are using our resources to work toward the same goals. When i think about the person dealing with the coming out process and finding this kind of bi erasure coming from within the community, i feel a need to speak out and provide a different viewpoint.

This is actually from a documentary called For the Bible Tells Me So, if you weren't already aware. I think it was featured in a recent post on the best gay-related documentaries here. Excellent movie.

Thanks for the heads up, Mark. I wondered what it was from. I haven't seen that docu yet, so now it's going to the top of the list. :)