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Geraldine Ferraro is still bitter

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"I think Obama was terribly sexist."

-- Former Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro on why she might not vote for Barack Obama if he is the eventual nominee. Mrs. Ferraro clashed with the Obama campaign after making racially insensitive remarks that forced her to resign from the Clinton campaign.

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | May 20, 2008 2:45 PM

What Ferraro and other old school white feminist who say that they will oppose Obama's candidacy is that they would rather vote for a white man over a Black man. Obama's policies would benefit women and girls far more than John McCains. That is a reality that cannot be denied.

Yet Ferraro is opposing Obama?

She can call it whatever she wants. I call it racism.

Frankly, I do not care what Ms. Ferraro has to say about anything.

And I'll tell you what I care about.

I want to know why her husband leased one of his properties to a pornography production and distribution company called Star Distributors which at the time was allegedly controlled by Gambino crime family member Robert DiBernardo. Although Ms. Ferraro's husband stated that he had no idea who Mr. DiBernardo was, the FBI has stated that it has accounts of Mr. DiBernardo with Ms. Ferraro's husband. Mr. DiBernardo was whacked in 1987 during the midst of a federal investigation into his alleged role in child pornography. I want to know why Ms. Ferraro had any role in Senator Clinton's campaign.

A September 12, 1992 article from the New York Times states:

A report by a New York State organized-crime investigator says that in 1985 John A. Zaccaro, the husband of Geraldine A. Ferraro, was observed meeting and talking with Robert DiBernardo, a reputed mob figure who the authorities say ran a pornography business.

Holtzman supporters were apparently seeking to draw attention to the report because they believe it contradicts an assertion by Ms. Ferraro that her husband had never met Mr. DiBernardo. On Thursday Ms. Ferraro repeated those assertions, saying at a news conference that "my husband does not know DiBernardo, never met DiBernardo." She said through a spokesman yesterday that she stood by that statement.

Mr. DiBernardo, who was slain in 1986 at the behest of the Gambino family boss John Gotti, headed the Star Distributing Company, which law-enforcement officials identified as a major pornography supplier operating out of a building co-owned by Mr. Zaccaro and managed by his real estate brokerage, P. Zaccaro Inc., in lower Manhattan.

Ms. Ferraro, an officer in the real-estate business, has said she and her husband were unaware of the tenant's business until news reports brought it to light during her 1984 Vice-Presidential campaign. She promised then to evict the Star concern, but the company remained three more years despite what Ms. Ferraro said were efforts to oust it.

A September 1, 1998 article from the Village Voice states:

It would not just be Zaccaro's [Geraldine's husband] yellow sheet that might attract enforcement attention. It would be the parade of thugs who've trekked through Zaccaro's 218 Lafayette Street office, some dealing directly with Ferraro, including Luchese soldier Michael LaRosa, Gambino capo Joe LaForte, Gambino associate Lawrence Latona, Chinatown gangster Eddie Chan, porno racketeer Robert DiBernardo, and mob-tied fixer Harold Farrell. Delany is just the latest recruit to a corporate culture of crime that has inevitably tainted a wife who put her shingle up there, and is a partner -- as well as a frequent officer -- in virtually every entity headquartered there.

Why did Hillary Clinton put Geraldine Ferraro on her campaign finance committee?