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Happy Birthday Alex!

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Today is Alex's birthday. I promised I wouldn't reveal his age or put up an embarrassing picture from his childhood.

Laptop.gifAlex has been out of commission for about a week due to a dead computer. When he ran off to France, we warned him that his decrepit old laptop was going to poop out on him, but it was all that he had. The poor guy had to wait five minutes just for AIM to start up! Now the briefcase sized monstrosity is dead.

What did Jerame and I give him? A replacement laptop! We know you guys missed him (and so do we) so we made sure he was back up and running ASAP. He called this morning to let us know that it had arrived - on his birthday!

I gave him the day off to celebrate his big day and get the new computer set up as he'd like. He'll be back tomorrow in all his glory, so be sure to leave him birthday wishes so he has something nice to come back to.

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From one May baby to another, Happy Birthday!

May you have many more and many happy, trouble free hours with your new computer.

Happy Birthday, Frenchie~

I hope your celebration will extend beyond the frustrating censure you suffered in Indiana. Perhaps those libertine Europeans will suit your aging (Hmmmm, finding out your actual age... now that's a worthwhile endeavor) needs ;).

Best wishes,

Your beloved "pomo" commenter.

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Although I hope you will be thrilled with your new computer, I also hope it does not turn out to be the most exciting thing that Birthday Boi gets to sit on his lap.

Bon blogettique!

Alex, maybe if you didn't look at so much porn your laptop wouldn't have so many issues!

Happy Birthday, mi amor! I hope you had a sexy party, complete with cake, whipped cream, and handcuffs.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 29, 2008 2:53 AM

And remember to keep your fingers off the caps key when you are watching porn. Happy homo erectus birthday!