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Holy water on tap here

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"As Maude is my witness, all I can think of are [examples] that surely wouldn't be Jebus approved. Watering houseplants for example. If you have a live tree for christmas, keeping it hydrated with holy water might counteract some of those nasty pagan associations. You could also use it to wash your dishes, making them squeaky clean both physically and morally. This is the one that's probably sealed my doom though. Holy water as a drink mixer. No, really. think about it. All those bitter repressed drunks Pillars of Morality furtively drinking their Osco brand scotch and waters at home so no one sees them? Using holy water as the mixer (and ice, if they drink it on the rocks) may effectively negate the inherent evil of sinful alcohol. Protect the liver too, maybe."

-- Blogger Mikerzz after finding a "Holy Water for Home Use" spigot at the back of a St. Paul, Minnesota church.

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Catholics back in the day used to have a small china bowl attached to the bedroom walls near the door, especially of children's rooms, so that household members would cleanse their fingers and make the sign of the cross when entering the room. Supposed to be a blessing on the room's occupant while they slept, I think.

That why most people would take holy water home with them. My grandmother's house has them; they were always filled with holy water when we went to stay.

I'm UU rather than Catholic now for many of the obvious reasons, some of these little rituals are interesting still.

Dude - I could so use a holy water mixer right about now!

I don't think my grandma had those in her house Steph, but that reminded me of the creepy crucifix hanging in Mom & Dad's bedroom. It had a hidden compartment containing a bottle of holy water and two blessed candles. In case someone was dying and needed to be given emergency last rites before a priest could arrive, according to Mom. Definitely an interesting ritual.