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I'm beginning to feel like Kermit the Frog

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You know how on the Muppet Show Kermit would always stand in front of the curtain and say, "And now ladies and gentlemen, here is..."? They were always adding to their cast of characters too! (Which leads us to the inevitable question of "If I'm Kermit than which character is Alex?!")

Today I'm lucky enough to introduce Paige Schilt. Paige is Director of Media and Public Relations for Soulforce. As always, this is Paige's personal blogging space and doesn't reflect on any organizational connections she might have; there's more to her than her job! She is also a dyke mama, a "low-femme" nerd, and a part-time professor of LGBT studies. In spite of her diplomatic demeanor, she harbors a soft spot for angry music, pissed-off politics, and grouchy old butches.

Be sure to leave Paige a warm welcome! She's eager to join the madness, so let's make her feel at home. (And there's a bonus video of John Cleese on the Muppet Show after the jump to entice you to make the click! *grins*)

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Alex would make a good Elmo. He just has that perfect "tickle me" look about him.

Hi Paige! A friend of Bil needs no other introduction, but all those other creds make me eager to read what you are thinking. I am glad you are joining us.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 20, 2008 12:28 AM

Welcome Paige, now after viewing Bil's choice of intro, are you still sure?

I see Bill and Alex more as the "Bert and Ernie" model. Dysfunctional, but fun!

Welcome Paige!

Love the work Soulforce is doing, especially when y'all popped up at the Southern Baptist Seminary and Al Moeller's office last year.

Great! Thanks for joining this team! I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

I was always partial to Miss Piggy...

Welcome Paige! Soulforce rocks!
Kelli Busey