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Kevin & Scotty Got Married!

Filed By Eric Marcus | May 12, 2008 1:30 PM | comments

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There wasn't a dry eye in our house last night as "Brothers & Sisters" gay brother, Kevin, married his boyfriend, Scotty, in a ceremony hosted by Sally Field (Kevin's mother, Nora) and presided over by Calista Flockhart (Kevin's Republican sister, Kitty). To paraphrase Kevin's straight brother, Justin, it was the gayest night on television since Ellen Degeneres came out on "Ellen."

Almost every detail and emotion was spot-on, from Scotty's conflicted parents to PFLAG mom Sally Field, who just couldn't help but decorate the house with armloads of flowers (despite Kevin's strict instructions for a flower-free event).

I won't reveal any more details here because that would spoil it for a first time viewer. Here's a link to a story on ABC's web site about the show.

But better yet, find someone who recorded the show and pull up a chair and a super-absorbent hanky and enjoy the ride. (If you're as old as I am and can remember seeing your first gay character on TV on "Medical Center" back in the mid-1970s--a tragically closeted married man who sought the help of a psychiatrist to go straight--then you'll need two hankies!)

I nominate "Brothers & Sisters" for a GLAAD Media Award and Sally Field for a PFLAG TV Mom of the Year Award (if PFLAG doesn't have such an award they should create one!).

Did anyone else catch the show last night? What did you think?

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tobyhannabill | May 13, 2008 2:52 AM

I started when Scotty's father gave Kevin the cufflinks for his son to wear at the wedding despite his objections.

I love that you love this show !

I love this show ! Yes, this show has been exceptional right from the begining. And yes, I'm as old as you are (okay, I'm six months older), and I remember "That Certain Summer" in the early 70's. Martin Sheen and Hal Holbrook were lovers. Two degrees of separation: Rob Lowe co-starred with Sheen in "The West Wing".

It's still such a shock when I see people I consider 'young adults' are playing THE PARENTS of the young adults on the show: Jayne Brook from "Chicago Hope" and Michael O'Keefe from "The Great Santini". Yeegads.

Plus, I know a secret about us worthy of the Walkers. *heheheh*

I missed it, but I don't usually watch the show. What's it about normally?

Didn't catch the show, but thanks for the update!

Bil, I highly recommend it. The story is about a family of five adult children and their matriarch Sally Field. That's already more than enough to interest GLBT viewers. It's smart and funny and *very* well written.

The premise is that their seemingly perfect father unexpectedly dies, and they keep on discovering these amazing secrets he's left behind for them to cope with.

One of the sons, Kevin, is gay and got married to his partner in the season finale. (and yes, they kiss, are seen in bed, the whole bit - unlike daytime TV.) Sally Field is - natch - the perfect PFLAG mom.

Eye candy bonus: Rob Lowe is a brother-in-law. Sunday nights on ABC.