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Mother's Day Open Thread

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A friend sent this video to me of a mother speaking about her kids coming out. It's an honest discussion of what many mothers go through and seemed extremely appropriate for Mother's Day.

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More video after the jump...

This video is more like my mother.

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So what are your mother stories, Projectors?

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 11, 2008 10:50 AM

I was impressed by the big horsey DOF mother #1 had and her reasoned approach to life. Mother #2 struck me as more of an occasional drinker (not from a DOF glass--look out wine stems).

My mother was the ultimate neat freak. As I stare across the room at my unmade bed at 9:15 PM I recall my "Mommie Dearest" who would not allow me to make my bed as she couldn't bounce a quarter on it unless she made it herself. She was the type who would take a razor blade to a window sash to get any small grime out of a corner.

House Motto: Work will never hurt you.

My mother would iron the usual stuff, but-- underwear and socks! She would have ironed me if I would have laid down long enough!

The bathroom twinkled, and if you sprinkled, you knew to wipe it up yourself. There were three men and one woman in my house and she decided whether the seat was up or down.

My mother had ten evening meals she would rotate, unless it was a holiday. My mother had an enormous sense of humor and an unbelievable temper. She went to church every Sunday and "Holy day of Obligation," but swore like a sailor. We, of course were never allowed to curse.

If she washed dishes my elder brother or later I would dry. No exceptions.

If it snowed, I shoveled our walks and the walks of any senior citizen living with no one younger on our block. I had three sets of sidewalks to keep clear of snow on Lake Michigan. It was at my mother's direction that I learned to be kind.

My mother spoke with every neighbor on our block at least once a week and there was a mafia of moms who knew our every move.

My mother, during WW II, drove a crane in an armaments factory. She had an incredible level of physical strength. She came from a family of eleven so she learned to fight for what she got. Because of this early emancipation she was afraid of no man or anything.

Unless there was a mouse in the room!

Thanks Waymon, this was fun!

My mum was the first non-hospital staffer I saw when I awoke from SRS. She came to my side and held my hand.

She hugged me when I told her about my being transsexual and she gave me my new name.

Thank you, Mum.

I think I love the mother in the first video (especially the part in which she is in the swimming pool in full make-up and big hair). She is a woman used to the sound of her own voice. It would be great to her what her two gay children have to say about her.

My mom freaked out when I came out to her and we didn't talk for almost 2 years. But thanks to therapy and a lot of hard work on both our parts, we now have a pretty good relationship. Thanks, Mom!

I also have two amazing chosen moms, Karen & Myla. They threw a big party for my graduation, we spend Thanksgiving and Easter together, and they've helped me move out of state twice now. We had a blast in Amsterdam together. But the things I love the most are the laughs we share on a day to day. Thanks, you two!

My mom is neither of them.

But I soooo wish that I could have had Mom #2. I can relate to the mood swings. LOL


Bil, I'll be happy to be your surrogate mother! And I even have mood swings!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!