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Obama takes 2 minutes for "The Minute"

Filed By Bil Browning | May 04, 2008 3:00 PM | comments

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You know it's right before Primary Day when the commercials last longer than 30 seconds. If local candidates for Governor and Congress are complaining about being overshadowed by presidential campaign commercials now, wait until they find out about Obama's newest ad. Even though it's called "The Minute," it lasts for two minutes.

Two minutes = the minute? Obama's learning how to speak politician-ese after all!

Video after the jump.

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 5, 2008 3:10 AM

I found him powerful and compelling. I agree with you Bil that Hillary has pandered to the ellectorate with the gas tax proposal that is already dead on arrival in congress.

Blaming oil companies does not do it for me either. Oil companies do not set the world price for the product. As the recession progesses and Chinese demand slows there will be moderation in Oil prices naturally.

When I was finishing grad school in 1975 we knew that the supply of oil in the world was finite, and whether we have used half the total oil in the world or not, I have been offended by seeing folks in their "prestige" Hummers, and enormous SUV's, driving alone to the drug store and acting as though they are entitled to waste a limited resource.

Obama is certainly right on the "political" message here. Americans have not yet got it through their heads that cheap oil is yesterday. I would suggest raising the gas tax ten times to $1.80 per gallon and providing rebates to consumers who insulate and get fuel efficient vehicles. Hell, GIVE AWAY home insulation.

Oil is only going to become rarer.