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Opening the Door to Full Inclusion

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The National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force have released a new joint publication, openingdoor.pngOpening the Door to the Inclusion of Transgender People: The Nine Keys to Making Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Organizations Fully Transgender-Inclusive.

Geared for LGBT organizations of any kind (from communities of faith, to social clubs, to advocacy organizations), this guide covers both practical and big-picture ways that we can all bring our goals of a fully inclusive movement into reality.

I recently received a copy of this great publication and wanted to make sure all of readers heard about this amazing resource. Our community can only succeed if we come together and this guide helps build those bridges. You can download the guide online here.

A brief overview after the jump...

While some of the things in the guide are obvious, it is good to have the ideas mapped out in an approachable manner.

The Nine Key Steps covered in the guide are:

1) Work Towards Full Integration at Every Organizational Level
2) Recruit a Broad Range of Trans People
3) Create a Welcoming Environment
4) Deal with Prejudice
5) Acknowledge Past Mistakes with Trans-Inclusion
6) Have Trans-Inclusive Programming, Services, and Advocacy Positions
7) Understand Transgender Experiences
8) Understand One's Role as an Ally
9) Have Fair Employment Practices

It also includes specific advice for different groups- like political groups, community centers, athletic groups, bars, faith communities, and many others.

I encourage all of our readers to pick up this guide, share it with your organizations and businesses, and help our community move forward together and united.

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It is quite good, and I've been referring to parts of it for developing a presentation to the medical community as well -- so it does potentially go beyond LGBT borders (although some of the context of relevance changes).

There are so many organizations out there that could use the guide - support for ENDA notwithstanding so many of the give lip service and that's about it.

Thanks for sharing this, Waymon. I'm gonna have my reading cut out for me this week! :^)

Thanks, Waymon. I can always count on you to highlight wonderful things like that.

You think someone should drop-shipped a case of these to the HRC headquarters and Barney's office? Just wondering?

Barney Frank cross docked his shipment to the train car marked Trans and cut it loose.

I have no objection to GLB without the T organisations. GLBs and Ts have different concerns.

What I do object to though is GLBT organisations that are effectively GLB only. By claiming to speak for us, then doing nothing, they actively work against us, preventing us from speaking for ourselves.

Need I mention HRC?

It's one thing to say "we only deal with GLB issues, you'll have to speak with the T's separately for their view" and quite another to say "we speak for the transgendered, and we have no objections to protection for GLBs only".

Thanks for this information! Our Indianapolis Chapter of PFLAG would like to see more parents of Trans kids at our meetings. For information about when and where we meet, please go to www.indypflag.org. We want to reach all parents!

This looks like a great resource, a very apropos resource....

Ethan Pleshe | June 1, 2008 11:48 PM

Awesome! I actually spent the time to read the whole document and didn't disagree with any of it. That rarely happens with trans stuff.

Monica, I was thinking the same thing when I was reading it...hmmm, this should be sent to HRC etc.

The whole ENDA debacle bothered me last fall and still bothers me to this day. I used to stand up for HRC, I guess I felt I had to since I interned for them 8 years ago. I thought the process of queer legislation was was all about practicality over idealism. That's some of what was touted at HRC.

However, after finally accepting myself as trans, coming out, beginning my transition and simultaneously pursuing graduate school, I started looking at things much differently.

Today, with a background in macro social work and public administration, I know that things are not that cut and dry with the policy process. This publication pointed out some of what I had already been thinking about trans inclusiveness in the policy process, that it actually does work. Yes, it may take more time however in the end it is better legislation.

I much appreciate all the collaborators on this important publication as well as all the contributors on the Bilerico Project.

Now on to healing the wounds...