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Queer music Friday - Mark Feehily of Westlife

Filed By Alex Blaze | May 16, 2008 5:00 PM | comments

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One of Ireland's greatest exports over the past decade has been teeny-bopper pop music in the form of Sligo-based quintet Westlife. Seriously, this enormously (financially) successful Irish boy band still has huge posters in the Dublin airport. Well, one of them came out a few years ago, the one I was crushin' on back in college, the one who was so obviously gay. Sure, the song's a couple steps below the Spice Girls, but the second boy who sings solo likes cock, so it's going up here.

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And Mark Feehily on coming out, in his own words:

Life is a million times better since I came out.

Since the last time I spoke to you my life has changed so much. I'm still the same person, I still do the same job, yet it feels like a lot has changed. It was just a relief to finally say what I said.

I'm a very honest person so for people to not know about one of the biggest parts of me, my sexuality, felt strange. Once I'd come out, people knew the real me and it felt fantastic.

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Now that's a boy band I could get behind. *whistles innocently*

K, Bil, one comment when it's the most mainstream thing I've put up, but I got a bunch on the Cockettes, who were probably the least mainstream things I've put up.

I rest my case. :) Although non-famous artists who are actually good seem to get the best response....