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So here's the Indiana primary election day roundup:

  • Barack Obama stomped Hillary Clinton in North Carolina.
  • They more-or-less tied in Indiana, but Obama conceded gracefully.
  • Andre Carson defeated all primary challengers to his Congressional seat.
  • The Indiana gubernatorial race is still too close to call

In the most important race for Projectors, contributor Jim Neal lost his primary race to his opponent Kay Hagan. He's a winner in our book!

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Ok. I give.

Time for Clinton to concede.

I knew Indiana wasn't going to be a Clinton blowout and if the Wright controversy had never happened, Sen Obama may have even had a shot at WINNING the state.

NW Indiana gets Chicago television stations beamed into it. They are very familiar with Sen. Obama and have been long before he began his run for the presidency.

Let's not forget there are large concentrations of African-American voters in Gary (where I have relatives BTW) Hammond and Indianapolis. The African-American vote in Indy was mobilizing to vote for Andre Carson. The college kids in Bloomington, West Lafayette and other college towns were trending Obama.

Sen Clinton has made a gallant run for the office (that has pissed me off at times) but she's fallen short. For the good of the party she needs to concede so we can focus on winning in November. We are gonna need every day from now until the convention in Denver to soothe bruised feelings and get everybody motivated to take this country back from the have-mores and the fundie bigots.