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Sexy Party - The Next Episode

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | May 10, 2008 4:00 PM | comments

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Last week's sexy party was so much fun, that I just HAD to do it again!

Uh Oh - Mercedes Allen (by far the most controversial post of the week)
Mildred Loving of Loving v. Virgina Passes Away - Pam Spaulding

John McCain: Pandertactics as Usual - Waymon Hudson
Eight Belles: Emotion v. Common Sense - Patricia Nell Warren

Would Somebody Please Think of the Children - Alex Blaze
Michigan Supreme Court - "No Benefits for Gay Partners" - Waymon Hudson

I'm Not Out. But Ya Know, They Know. - Eric Levin
More on Michigan Marriage Ruling - Ellen Andersen

Lawrence King Deserved to Die - Sara Whitman
Has Hillary Clinton Lost Her Damn Mind? - Michael Crawford

Check out the sexy party video action after the jump!

Here's Mr. Herbert singing Snoop & Dre's "Next Episode."

iPhone users: Click to watch

This one has nothing to do with Family Guy, but it's my favorite version of Snoop's "Gin & Juice." I like it even better than the original. And seeing as I'm a HUGE Snopp fan, that's sayin a lot.

iPhone users: Click to watch

G's up, ho's down . . . Mutha Fuckas!

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