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That's what they call 'moot,' right?

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Justin and Ron:

Well, so much for worrying about a blog comment. All those legal fees and the guy wasn't even close to winning. Take a look at the Donna Edwards election in Maryland...It's proof of what happens when y'all sit down and work with bloggers with a bit more respect.

Of course, when the real goal here is billable hours you can always count on a lawyer to move ahead on a baseless complaint -- You guys should have told the candidate to focus on, say, running for the position he coveted.

I'm sure we'll hear plenty more from Woody when he sees a complaint. Give Woody a small piece of advice, if he can't handle a blog, he's certainly not going to be able to handle being a US congressman. And, as we learned last night, the voters agree with my assessment.

Let me leave you with a little joke: "Lawyers are the only folks who can write 50,000 words and call it a "brief."

Good day.

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 8, 2008 2:43 AM

I'm sure, possibly like a number of others, I have not been reading Bilerico Indiana as much as I should have.

Shame on me for not knowing about this. Also, Bil,
you of the AM radio! How about "simulcasting" Bilerico Indiana into regular Bilerico postings?Or is that simulblogging? That way we who first word processed on a Remington will get more info.

Thanks for protecting the first Amendment!

Thanks for the extra bitch slap, Mike; I appreciate it. :)

The Woody Myers congressional campaign has publicly apologized for threatening to sue me over Bilerico-Indiana content now.

Robert, I think I mentioned the drama a couple of times over here, but it just didn't seem as relevant to Bilerico Project as it did to Bilerico-Indiana.