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The benefit of being a super delegate

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"These candidates should be allowed to run without the influence of the 1st formidable black presidential candidate backing the 'least qualified' candidate who is slated because of a 'dying declaration' from his grandmother to a group of hand-picked precinct committee people to send her 'seed' to Congress."

--Hoosier for Honesty in Government PAC in a letter they sent to Barack Obama asking him to withdraw his endorsement of Congressman Andre Carson. Carson, the grandson of former Congresswoman Julia Carson, is running a tight race to keep the seat he's held for a couple of months. Other candidates also support Obama - including one candidate who maxed out contributions to the campaign before Iowa and served as an Obama advisor. Carson, however unworthy of the nod, is a super delegate.

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Wilson46201 | May 1, 2008 8:24 AM

I love this! A bunch of angry white Republicans are planning to demonstrate outside Barack Obama's downtown headquarters denouncing Obama's endorsement of our Democratic Congressman André Carson. I hope the media covers this well.

It's a real blessing for André -- reminding voters of the Obama/Carson connection. Black voters in particular will not appreciate a bunch of angry white Republicans demonstrating against Obama and Carson.

The main instigator of this silliness is Ernie Shearer aka The Fat Yellow Chicken and the rest of the "Bart Lies" crowd. Carson-hater Gary Welsh is backing this too...

Why does it always come down to racial polarization when you're trying to defend Andre Carson, Wilson? This isn't black vs white - it's qualified vs unqualified.

Wilson46201 | May 1, 2008 8:53 AM

Perceptions are important! Don't you find it peculiar and odd that white Republicans are very, very upset and bothered at Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is endorsing Democratic Congressman André Carson in the Democratic Party Primary Election in Indiana?

Do you really think this little group who are supporters of Rush Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" are sincerely interested in helping Democrats?

Black voters are over 50% in the 7th CD. I can assure you that a bunch of angry white Republicans attacking Black Democrats like Obama and Carson will not go over well at all!

Uh, Wilson - it's not just white Republicans that are "very, very upset and bothered." There are a lot of Democrats who are upset as well - including supporters of David Orentlicher, Woody Myers and Carolene Mays. As you know, Mays and Myers are both black as well - so using the Obama endorsed the black guy routine isn't going to fly.

Myers was/is an advisor to Obama's campaign on health care issues. He got tossed under the bus though when Carson gained that Super Delegate vote. In order to get that SD vote, Obama endorsed Carson when the majority of the district opposes him.

Wilson46201 | May 1, 2008 12:42 PM

"Hoosiers for Honesty in Government" is chaired by Ernie Shearer (aka The Fat Yellow IndyChicken) -- this was put together last summer to attack Indianapolis Democrats by distributing yard signs and bumperstickers with "BART LIES". Ernie and his sidekicks have already called Congressman André Carson a thug, pimp, traitor, whore and terrorist. By the way, these same nutterballs abominated Scott Keller for his decent votes.

It's sad to see good gay folk falling for a bunch of GOP whackos in their jihad against good Democrats like Barack Obama and André Carson...