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The Yearning for Scion Ranch

Filed By Kate Clinton | May 07, 2008 6:30 PM | comments

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Enough with the Hillary Deathwatches, the Eight Belles comparisons, the Wednesday morning quarterbacking, the super-annuating, the gloating not-gloating, the Wright stuffing, the obliterating, the primary parsing.

Everybody take a breath, sit back, have a lovely European style coffee, and play your old "Come Together" LP. Don't try to figure out what it means. Toe jam football. Walrus gumboot. So? Chill.

Especially you, John King. You must be exhausted from a late night of poking your Ouija board, finger painting, expanding/contracting your counties, while the best political team on television was laughing at you behind your back. You made your OCD work for you, now take a rest.

The Jenna One is getting married - because she can - down at the Yearning for Scion Ranch this weekend. Keep Jim Baker busy. The Bush Dynasty is all compounded down in Texas.

It's Mother's Day weekend. In honor of Mom, let's have a primary worry free weekend. Play some hoops. Rest your voice. Sleep in your own bed.

The Swiftboats for McBush are gassing up. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is being vetted. John McSupreme Court is loving him some strict constructionists. John McSharraf has his flag pin stuck in his chest. Limbaugh lower now.

Rest up, you two, dear warriors, then come together right now over me.

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its okay, kate. Let's go have some Dunkin donuts coffee.. Maybe a draft and a shot.. We will get through this.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 8, 2008 12:51 AM

Now Sara, that's not fair! You told me we were going to have a martini. Doesn't it give you a secret sence of satisfaction that no one could believe the progress we have made today looking at where we were thirty years ago.

"Illegitimus ne Carborundum!"

"Don't let the bastards grind you down!"

come together right now over me

hehe, never listened to that song like that before.

I loved the John King jokes. I always think OCD too. I think it just gives him something to do while he's yammering on. They got tired of him bouncing his leg under the desk and thought, "We gotta find a way to channel all that energy!"