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These past 5 years have gone by so quickly...

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Jessica reminded us that it's May Day today, and half the blogosphere reminded me that it's been 5 years since our Fratboy-in-Chief declared "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq.

I don't think I have to go into an explanation of how wrong he was.

But I did find this article from Media Matters about the media coverage of that day, how commentators and journalists and Ann Coulter were all pretty much gaga over him in his flight suit.

One thing you can't fault the man for is not being dressed for the occasion.

What struck me about the comments was how much they focused on GWB's masculinity. A few of the more fun comments are after the jump.

From Chris Matthews:

We're proud of our president. Americans love having a guy as president, a guy who has a little swagger, who's physical, who's not a complicated guy like [former President Bill] Clinton or even like [former Democratic presidential candidates Michael] Dukakis or [Walter] Mondale, all those guys, [George] McGovern. They want a guy who's president. Women like a guy who's president. Check it out. The women like this war. I think we like having a hero as our president.

Laura Ingraham:

Speaking as a woman, and listening to the women who called into my radio show, seeing President Bush get out of that plane, carrying his helmet, he is a real man. He stands by his word. That was a very powerful moment.

Pat Caddell was called in to be the token Democrat, and here's what he had to say:

Well, first of all, Chris, the -- I think that -- you know, I was -- when I first heard about it, I was kind of annoyed. It sounded like the kind of PR stunt that Bill Clinton would pull. But and then I saw it. And you know, there's a real -- there's a real affection between him and the troops.[...]

He looks like a fighter pilot.[...]

But -- on there -- but the -- but you know, that was -- was hard not to be moved by their reaction to him and his reaction to them and -- you know, they -- it's a quality. It's an innate quality. It's a real quality.

Ann Coulter was on MSNBC and wasn't yet considered a fringe nut job:

It's stunning. It's amazing. I think it's huge. I mean, he's landing on a boat at 150 miles per hour. It's tremendous. It's hard to imagine any Democrat being able to do that. And it doesn't matter if Democrats try to ridicule it. It's stunning, and it speaks for itself.

OK, and another one from Matthews:

He looks for real. What is it about the commander in chief role, the hat that he does wear, that makes him -- I mean, he seems like -- he didn't fight in a war, but he looks like he does.

But this one from G. Gordon Liddy's the best:

Well, I -- in the first place, I think it's envy. I mean, after all, Al Gore had to go get some woman to tell him how to be a man. And here comes George Bush. You know, he's in his flight suit, he's striding across the deck, and he's wearing his parachute harness, you know -- and I've worn those because I parachute -- and it makes the best of his manly characteristic. You go run those -- run that stuff again of him walking across there with the parachute. He has just won every woman's vote in the United States of America. You know, all those women who say size doesn't count -- they're all liars. Check that out. I hope the Democrats keep ratting on him and all of this stuff so that they keep showing that tape.

The worst thing is that this seems eerily like the way most of these same people talk about John McCain.

They want it to happen over again. They can't stop their hero worship, their penis-envy of whichever candidate says she wants to blow up more countries. It's a mighty big ship, and while it's turned around for Bush, getting the entire country back to sanity's going to take quite a bit of work.

When it comes to the way TV commentators talk politics, we still aren't that far from 2003.

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 2, 2008 1:55 AM

Excellent post Alex.

In that my lover of these past 32 years WAS a pilot I think that it pays to remind all that Bush did not fly the plane on to the flight deck, but was just in the second seat and most likely wearing a "Depends" to assist with the "manly Bulge."

My partner landed on flight decks when his air force unit crosstrained with the Navy. He was also a flight instructor and base safety officer. He flew opposite the Russians in Alaska and was also a test pilot taking up planes to demonstrate that they were airworthy. Three times in the thirteen years he was in the air force they were not and twice he safely ejected. The last incident was in Alaska and he went down with the plane. His navigator burned to death on impact. My partner had a broken back and was blind for six months as he slowly came back to modified full mobility.

Still, the military would have dismissed him had they known he was Gay. After his injuries my partner could have flown a desk with honor for the last seven years, but wanted out after the final horror of remembering his navigator's screams and himself helpless to move to help him.

He tried the reserves and even flew again, but was just not cut out to be a week end warrior and left the military.

The best that can be said for Bush is that the Vietnamese never invaded Texas while he was in the Texas Air National Guard. Why do we confuse perceived masculinity with competancy? Why has our media continued to deeply swallow the bait given by the power structure?

Guess who owns the media?

alex, an excellent and thoughtful article!

while reading the comments, the image of saddam hussein waving a rifle over his head emerged in my imagination. and also the image of him hanging from a rope. what a pathetic tragedy...and what pathetic characters...make up this passion play.

ghandi in his gown, and mandela in his cell...real men with real principles...not silly children waving around weapons pretending to be masters of the universe.

history will be the final judge and time passes so quickly. i wouldn't trade places with GWB for all of the wealth in the world. some hero.

I love a man in uniform like any good gay guy, but I'm also a firm believer in knowing when a trick could be dangerous. Someone ask Bush what the safe word is STAT!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 2, 2008 8:57 AM

Unfortunately Bil, all I have is pictures of him in uniform. What a hottie, but not the man I met seventeen years later. He looked better!