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Tide is Changing

Filed By Sara Whitman | May 15, 2008 8:30 AM | comments

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If the California Supreme Court rules in favor of allowing gay marriage, as is expected, do we all understand the magnitude of this decision?

Massachusetts set the precedent with Goodridge vs. the Department of Health. The first state in the country that allowed equal marriage rights. Because it's not so much about "gay marriage" now is it? It's about fair and equal access to rights.

If California rules in a similar fashion? It is no longer a single rouge state. It's a movement across the country.

I don't think marriage rights are the end all and be all of the LGBT civil rights movement. But it is a cornerstone. A key piece.

And funny thing? California doesn't have an antiquated law from 1913 that doesn't allow people from out of state to get married.

There will be no stopping the tide of change.

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the judges were appointed by conservatives so im not sure how optimistic i am

If the court does not support marriage, I am preparing to accept that I have been wrong about the whole thing and move on with my life.

As far as I'm concerned, if the CA Supremes say NO, then its over.

Seriously. Literally. Completely.

Unlike Senator Clinton I can take a hint. Life is too short.

I'm sorry, did I mention Clinton?

Was Clinton referenced in this piece?

Can you just back off the Clinton bashing, please?

you can, however, pick on me for my typo, which is in fact quite funny.

sure...jeez...and i thought i was being touchy and defensive...

sorry, I am touchy. if you heard the interview I gave to the Advocate last night finally openly saying I was supporting Obama.

it wasn't easy.

it didn't feel good.

but I did it.

so NO picking on hillary today, please.

I don't think I could have done that, Sara.

I'm not sure you should have, but we all have to make difficult choices, I suppose.

One hour and fifteen minutes left until we know if there is anything left to fight about.

Massachusetts was a single rouge state? I thought it went pretty strongly for Kerry last time round!

Haha! Typos! Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be the one fixing them...

So can I ride that tide on my boogie board?