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We'll never be able to imagine

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Keep in mind, we're still occupying Afghanistan; nominally, we're in charge. BushCo should be deeply ashamed. Go read the story and let's remember that this still happens.

"I would lie to my family and say I bought them food from the market. But now it's even hard to find anything edible in the garbage because of [increasing] food prices. People now eat all their food because it's very expensive and also the numbers of those who scavenge in garbage has increased.
"As no one would give me work I had no other option but to sell my lovely daughter. I sold her only to save the rest of my family. I sold her only to buy food for my younger children who otherwise would have died from hunger.

But no worries... George gave up golf. That makes it better. No?

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 20, 2008 11:44 AM

Thank you very much for this post

Bil, remember, I told you about the incredible need in Burma and parts of China where I am sure it is even worse. Myanmar won't even let regular international media into their country as by now people are doubtless dying of cholera. Their situation was bad already, and made catastrophic suddenly. The old and the young are the first victims. Now, Afghanistan, has been in a downward spiral for years before our involvement with their situation. Had the Afghans had oil, well we would want to know them much sooner.

Deep throat said: "follow the money." I would add to that, follow the oil and follow the multinational companies.

Of course this child's tragic story is awful, and I do not make light of her loss, but the problem is not just how America has treated other countries in trade and economic issues over the last seven years. It is more like one hundred years. That is why we selfish few in America use 25% of the world's fossil fuel while we have congratulated ourselves for being so wasteful.

"Our American Way of Life" is to blame for the destruction of this child. If there were 2.68 billion people in the world (when I was born in 1953) and over 6.7 billion now, (with a new billion added each eleven years) what result are we to expect?

Human life itself is being devalued.

Oh, my. There's too much suffering and too many people willing to profit from it.

If you go to the CNN site, there you will find the story of a three-year old in Africa who weighs only 10 pounds.

Some of these children even forget how to eat because it has been so long since they have eaten solid food.

Please keep this in mind when you hear of people struggling to make ends meet on only a million dollars a month.

How many children will go to bed tonignt hungry in our own country? Way too many.