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I know it seems like I've been disappearing for a week here and there. Sometimes, I'm just so swamped that I get lost in deadline things and posting here becomes secondary. Let me give you some updates and tell you what's coming up.

The attention brought to the blogosphere by the Foley and Craig stories has meant more tips than ever before. I'm currently investigating four members of and two candidate for Congress. While I've been off traveling the stories about hypocrites in office continue to come out. The latest right wing hypocrite? Fosella. Will these guys ever stop?

Some of the places my latest work has taken me are interesting. It was educational visiting bars and strip clubs that were tips in one case. In another case, I am about to take another flight, my third, for research.

As regular readers know, when there is a need for support for the work I ask. In this case, my work is more time consuming than too expensive for me to cover...that and knowing a few friends have helped out along the way. Thanks for your patience on this work...I really do appreciate it.

There is simply not enough to write about when it comes to outing. It's not like I can report a new case out every day... Are you, readers, interested in reading posts from me on other issues in the LGBT and progressive communities? In addition to BlogActive, I run PageOneQ.com and do netroots organizing in most corners of the community with leaders, bloggers, journalists and more, so there is plenty to write about.

I'm curious about what you think.

[Mike blogs at BlogActive]

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I would love to read more from you on LGBT and progressive issues, Mike. I think you bring an interesting take on anything you write about, so seeing you branch out other topics would be most welcome.

I don't know what the Bilerico editors tell you --- but my impression is that contributors can pick any topic they think the readers will be interested in --- so have at it, Mike!

Bilerico seems to be a pretty free-license, laid-back place --- loosen up a bit, I'd say. If the editors see differently, they shd say so.

LOL - I think Mike is referencing his own blog, BlogActive, Allen. Mike is a popular blogger, but is type-cast as "the guy who outs politicians."

Of course, we allow our contributors to pick their topics. Mike's stretching his audience's boundaries; he's asking to see what other topics people would be interested in reading from him - especially on his own blog.

Personally I'd love to read some inside info from the orgs and movers and shakers.