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Who's Ready For Sex and the City?

Filed By Serena Freewomyn | May 30, 2008 3:30 PM | comments

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The day we've all been waiting for is FINALLY here! That's right . . . the Sex and the City movie opens tonight. And Waymon and I couldn't be more excited! We've both got plans to put on our best party dresses, head out for a little cocktail action before the film, catch the movie, and then dish over coffee with our best girl friends after the show.

We put this little montage together of our favorite SATC moments to help ya'll get in the mood for tonight. Follow me after the jump and be sure to leave a comment about why you're super psyched to see the movie. What are your plans? Are you getting dressed to the nines? Are you smuggling in your own cosmos? Do you think Miranda will leave Steve or that Big is leaving Carrie at the altar?

This is seriously going to be better than cleaning the house with nothing but my Manolos on!

Our first clip is from the episode where Charlotte finally realizes that she and Trey are headed for splitsville. The girls head out to the gay bar to leave their troubles behind. How hot is Carrie in that day glow underwear?

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Here's the one where Miranda introduces the girls to The Rabbit. Honestly, ladies . . . best money I ever spent.

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How about this one, where the gals discuss men who grab their balls. What's that about?

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Sometimes you just have to fake it in order to get it over with.

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Have you ever been at a party that was so boring you wanted to die?

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Here's Samantha showing us that holding hands can be dangerous.

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Last, but certainly not least, is our absolute FAVORITE clip from all 6 seaons. Carrie looks fierce on the catwalk in those sparkly panties. Me likey!

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Have fun at the premiere tonight, everybody! I can't wait to dish with you on Sunday!

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I guess this would be a prime example that some people will use on why Bilerico didn't get credentials for the DNC? (giggle)

Actually, I'm ready for "The Dark Knight," "Handcock" and Wall-E."

Wow, Monica . . . that kinda hurt. ;^)

Actually, you can dis me all you want for my religious observance of SATC, but my faith and devotion will not be shaken.

I'm all set for the 10:15 show tonight!

Monica, I had to google Handcock because I wasn't sure what the reference there was (am assuming you meant Hancock and not some obscure gay solo porn flick) - all I can say is WOOF! Luvs me some Will Smith!

I'm dying to see it. It has to better than the Indiana Jones latest installment. Snooze!

Oh, wow, Marc. Some people would read that and say my Freudian slip was showing. This is the WRONG list to make that kind of typo.

I'm a Will Smith fan. Looks like he'll be saving the world YET AGAIN. How many times has he saved the world, now?


I am heartbroken because I didn't see enough gay men! I seriously may watch it again in another part of town. I feel so cheated. Traumatized.

However, groups of girls in "I love Sex and the City" shirts and "Mr. Big" tees were there. I had on tight jeans and heels and I got pissed with Anthony, who wanted to sit in the corner of the theater. I screamed out, "I can NOT watch Sex and the City in the corner! I HAVE to be in the middle." So we moved.

It was great fun! :)

Great post, Serena.