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Yesterday Was A Good B-Day

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Yesterday was another Cuatro De Mayo celebration, AKA my birthday. As usual it was an interesting weekend.

I was born during the Kennedy Administration at 10:45 PM CDT on this day in H-town's Third Ward. At this point in my life I look at every birthday I reach as the blessing that it is, especially when you factor in that it took me awhile to evolve (and I'm STILL evolving) into the person I am today.

One of the neat things about living in Da Ville is that my birthday falls either just before, on or just after Derby Day. The two week period leading up to the Kentucky Derby is a smorgasbord of events, parties and festivals all leading up to the Derby and Kentucky Oaks. The Oaks is held the day before at Churchill Downs and the races that day - including the Oaks - have fillies running in them.

When I first moved up here in 2001, my big 4-0 birthday actually fell during Derby 128 in 2002. I still have memorabilia stashed from that one..

Of course, the GLBT community gets in on the fun as well. One of the parties I attended last night was sponsored by our local GLBT civil rights organization, the Fairness Campaign. It's a fundraiser for Fairness and an opportunity for our community to show some love to all the local, state and national political peeps and others who support us. It's also a chance for GLBT friendly celebs who are attending other Derby events around town to interface with their local GLBT fans. And hey, I get to dress up for it as well.

But that party made for a short night. I'd already agreed to roll up to Columbus this morning with Dawn to catch another fencing tournament with her, and we shoved off bright and early up I-71 north at 10am to do so. A few hours later we were in Columbus, but not after a little Mapquest drama.

For those of you who Mapquest trips, you're probably aware of the quirks that sometimes pop up that have you taking counterintuitive routes to your destination point. Nine times out of ten it's on target, but every now and then you get one of those head scratching routings

Well, our target destination was a high school in Dublin, OH where the Great Lakes Regional Tournament was being held. We should have been routed off I-71 westward onto I-270. Instead, it gave us directions a few minutes into it I realized had us going eastward away from Dublin. I ended up catching I-70 west, cutting through downtown Columbus and intersecting I-270 a few moments later and getting Dawn there 35 minutes before check in time at 3pm.

Despite that glitch, I did enjoy the tournament and have a pleasant trip up and back on a beautiful spring day through the Kentucky and Ohio countryside while blasting Janet Jackson's new CD and a host of old school R&B favorites on my system.

I also had the opportunity at various moments during that drive to reflect on some of the blessings I've received this year. Being invited to become a contributing writer to the Project. Speaking at the upcoming inaugural New England Transgender Pride March on June 7. Having people in my life who love and care about me in addition to the calls e-mails, e-cards and well wishes I received from people who consider me an important part of their lives. I deeply appreciate all the love you've showered on me today.

When I blew out the candles on the cake, one of the things I wished for will hopefully take place on May 20, November 4 and January 20, 2009

So yeah, today was a good day. And I hope to be blessed with another similar one like it or better 365 days from now.

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happy birthday monica! every day is a blessing, and i wish you 364 more lovely days until your next one!
be well and stay true...

Happy belated B-Day, Monica of the Air, from your favorite Texas ex-pat, Johnson Administration B-Day-type, lawyer-esque Kat :)

Happy Birthday, my friend! As a side suggestion, you may want to use Rand McNally's on-line map service at: I have found them to be far more accurate than Mapquest and GoogleMaps.

Happy belated birthday! I REALLY hope your birthday wishes come true. :)

A.G. Casebeer | May 5, 2008 1:13 PM

Glad you got to make use of that new set of seats in your Volvo. Those were a lucky find Thursday, and it was a good chance for you to give the old 'brick a road test. Sounds like you had a good b-day. Enjoy each one!

Mapquest is pretty nice, but for some reason, they seem to screw up inside beltways. I got a very bad one for New York City a few years ago that directed me to make a wrong turn out of the Holland Tunnel, and end up stuck in a closed alley in Soho. You will also recall the one that had us looking for the fencing venue at the wrong end of the Northwestern campus in Evanston. Have to see what RMcN does online.

Feliz cumpleanos, amiga! Sounds like you had a bitchin time!

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | May 6, 2008 11:52 AM

I am a Cinco de Mayo boy myself and of an earlier vintage, but all Taurus folk deserve a cheer for tenacity, good friends, and a desire for fellowship. Cheers Monica!