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Because they can't say the n-word...

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Fox News captioned a Michelle Obama photo like this:


There isn't much to analyze about the wording itself. It's "nappy-headed hoes" all over again.

The basic idea here, I guess, is to remind viewers that Michelle Obama is black, and therefore not fit to be First Lady. And to make fun of her a little using a slang term associated with promiscuity. Because, even as a successful Harvard attorney, a mother, and the wife of a sitting US Senator, she has to be reminded by Fox News that they think of her as nothing more than a....

This is similar to the attacks Hillary endured back in the early 90's, except now it's occurring at the intersection of race and gender. Since image is important to the way Republicans and not-very-political types vote, the wife, the possible First Lady, is fair game. In fact, the way she behaves is just as important - it shows how much of a man the Democratic candidate is and will be getting quite a bit of media attention on her own.

Michelle Malkin is defending the term, of course, saying it's just an attempt to be hip. She links back to a piece, probably the center of the attacks we're going to hear on Michelle Obama. It's a critique of Michelle's stump speech, and it's filled with racist stereotypes meant to scare people away from the Obamas.

According to the author, Michelle Obama is:

  1. angry,
  2. insufficiently grateful for the opportunities afforded to her and her husband by kind (white) people,
  3. looking for a hand-out,
  4. a conspiracy theorist, and
  5. an elitist because of all those things just handed to her.

And it's pretty effin' direct (this is responding to a part of Michelle's speech where talks about how standardized testing doesn't work, I'm guessing in reference to No Child Left Behind):

So Michelle Obama didn't do very well on her SATs but was admitted to Princeton? No wonder she's sore.

One of the problems with lowering the bar pursuant to "affirmative action" is that placing the bar back where it was requires raising it.

Any way you slice it, whether they were having a rational and civil discussion about stereotypical qualities of black people and how they show that Michelle Obama isn't a good person, captioning pictures of her with racial slang words, or just straight up call her the n-word, it's racist, it's wrong, and they know what they're doing.

This is going to be a shit-storm of racism this campaign season. There were some stumbles from overzealous Clinton staffers, borderline comments with apologies from Bill Clinton, and some pundits going crazy trying to fill time and simplify the race to race (and Pat Buchanan).

But the GOP sludge machine isn't going hold anything back if they think it'll win them a couple cheap votes. This is what they've been doing for decades.

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Good points, Alex. Is anyone really surprised that this is coming from Fox?

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 12, 2008 8:04 PM

Fox is just going a little further down the racist trail pioneered by Bill and Hillary Clinton. You’d better believe the GOP is going to go a lot further down that trail. The Republicans have a lot of practice using bigotry in elections, from Willie Horton to same sex marriage and islamophobia; they've done it all.

The problem isn't just that it’s going get ugly but that it’s already on track to be a dangerous election season for African Americans, immigrant workers and the GLBT communities. Too bad the Democrats had to junk the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill after it'd passed both houses of Congress. Too bad Obama and our other “friends” couldn't be bothered to lift a finger to help us when that happened, but what would all the christian bigots have said if he’d had the guts to go out on a limb for us.

Ironic? Yes, but not in a funny way. Same old, same old.

I hope they keep Pat Buchanan around as a pundit. If he watches enough of this election cycle, I swear to God his head will explode. The only thing that could be more interesting TV would be if Bill Richardson was the nominee and Lou Dobbs was the pundit.

And people have the nerve to ask me why I can't stand Republicans or conservatives in general.

Hello, they're racist jerks.

List of famous oxymorons:
Jumbo shrimp
Military intelligence
Compassionate conservative
Fox news

Unfair and completely imbalanced.....

Monica said: "And people have the nerve to ask me why I can't stand Republicans or conservatives in general.

Hello, they're racist jerks."

Um, implying that "all" conservatives are "racist jerks" is painting with a different brush out of the same can of prejudice.

I am most certainly a conservative, and I am neither a racist nor a jerk.

But unlike your pejorative broad brush approach, I do understand that many so-called conservatives are racist, homophobic etc. I also know many pragmatic intellectual conservatives who hold no ill will based on people other than their character.

The same as I understand many Democrats or liberals are really nothing more than socialists with grand dreams of centralized state planning schemes of nationalized healthcare, et al.

However, I also know many Democrats or liberals like my boss who personifies what liberal meant to me in my childhood. When liberal still meant an open minded free-thinking individual.

But then again that is why in my mind, the individual should be judged on their merits and beliefs, not a broad brushed condemnation of an entire group which is ironically hypocritical.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | June 13, 2008 2:42 AM

Alli's quite right to say that "Um, implying that 'all' conservatives are 'racist jerks'" is wrong.

Data from the last census confirms that in 2000 there were six conservatives who weren't racist jerks: two each in New York and Florida, one in Nebraska and one in New Hampshire.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | June 13, 2008 5:34 AM

Racial issues still define our country. Even Obama, in his excellent speech, referred to his white grandmother who would fear crossing a black man on the street.

I had an employer when I was twenty three who had a senior manager from Jamaica and had slave ancestry. We were overnighting in Columbus Ohio in 1977. Dressed in our suits, we were dining and the waiter brought me the check, even though my supervisor was obviously older.

I think that grown ups have to admit it is there and learn to think of others as individuals rather than stereotypes. As we go up the ladder of education it is lessened, but never fully gone. Same with anti Semitism or discrimination against any immigrant group. "No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish, no Asians" is the battle cry of the ignorant who fear displacement from what little they have. It is the corrosive tribal legacy we carry around with us. Even within Africa itself tribes of black persons commit atrocities upon other tribes of black persons.

Serena~ I'm guessing no.

Bil~ I thought Pat was on MSNBC? Is he also doing Fox?

Alli~ It's not from the same "can of prejudice," not at all. Sure, not all conservatives are racist (some just don't consider the racial implications of their beliefs, for no reason at all...), and lots of progressives/liberals are racist. But a stereotype about conservatives isn't as destructive as racial stereotyping. It doesn't have the same history, it isn't used to deny as much humanity, it's no where near as rampant, and no one's forcing anyone to be conservative.

You have to remember that Monica is from Texas, and presently lives in Kentucky, where I am more or less a native. In both those places, nearly all conservatives ARE racist/homophobic/transphobic jerks, and don't bother to hide it. They're all megachurch-attending bigots who want to screw the havenots and get out of paying their taxes, around here. William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater are not conservatives in Kentucky or Texas, think Mitch "Sellout" McConnell and Tom DeLay, instead - ruthless sellouts to big business and fundamentalist preachers

And, by the way, this liberal IS for socialized medicine, and proud of it. I want to see the evil that is Humana, Blue Cross, Cigna, AEtna, Kaiser Temporary, er, Permanente, etc, dismantled and nationalized, HMO's outlawed, and never again have non-doctors decide whether a medical procedure is necessary or not. We are the only civilized nation in the world without it. One major doubt I have about Obama is that he does not seem to support such a health care plan.

For most of my life, the conservatives I have had the displeasure of meeting, be they from my birth state of Texas, here in Kentucky or elsewhere ARE racist jerks and have been since the 60's.

You have your head in the sand if you think otherwise.

Let's check out the conservative body of work shall we?

Let's start with Barry Goldwater, who opposed the '64 and '65 Civil Rights Acts. Ralph Yarborough, who was the Democratic Texas senator who voted for both bills, was opposed by George HW Bush, who said that if he'd been in that seat he would have voted AGAINST the 64 civill rights act and as Harris County GOP chair welcomed the Dixiecrats into the local party.

The various consaervative pundits such as Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan and Michael Savage who never fail to race bait when they have the opportunity.

Ronald Reagan, who not only started his 1980 campaign in Philadelphia MS, but zealously worked durig his administration to overturn civil rights law, and had a history of opposing it when he was in California.

The 'negro' ones such as Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Ken Blackwell, Ward Connerly, Ken Hamblin and Alan Keyes who actively work to not only overturn the decades of work the civil rights movement fought long and hard to enact, but sold out their own people for personal gain.

John McCain opposed the Martin Luther King holiday along with Reagan, and McCain has an 'F' grade on every NAACP civil rights report card with the exception of the 2000 and 2008 presidential election cycles.

As a matter of fact, the highest grade any republican/conservative compiled on the NAACP civil rights report card is Sen Susan Collins (R-ME) 60, which was still an 'F'. Many of the GOP senators or house members, proud conservatives they are compiled grades in the 10-20 range.

I won't even lengthen this comment by talking about Tom DeLay,the Texas GOP and other state Republican parties in the Deep South and elsewhere.

So no, I don't like conservatives, and that's before I had one try to stop me from voting in the 1984 presidential election.