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Big Love Trumps Mr. Big

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Clinton Gals and Obama Gals, why can't we all get along? Let's take a cue from the gals in Sex and the City.

You might have missed the opening week of SATC because you were consumed with the last installments of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit. I know I was. But it's hot out. At least go for the air conditioning. And the pleasure of sitting in a theater packed with 85% women and the gay men who love them.

Iron Man. Indiana Jones. The dude flicks of summer's standard "Women as After-thought Film Festivals" are usually packed with men and a few of the women who love them. No reviewer ever sniffs about that audience.

The preposterism of the 'stylized violence' [whatever that means] of those bummer schlockbusters made passersby in Harford, CT fully expect that the hit-and-run victim sprawled before them could get up, dust himself off and go about his day. That's my theory.

As my Sex and the City date [with whom, coincidentally, I have same-sex in the city] and I surveyed the satisfied, post-Sex women streaming out, in a din of high happy voices, we both thought, "What a missed organizing opportunity!" NOW should have sign-up tables in all multiplex lobbies. LATER should too.

That Fab Four loves each other! More Big Love than Mr. Big. Like sister-wives without the Mormon front-loaded hair or the prairie dresses. Unless of course it was a Frontier FLDS Fashion Week in New York.

For such a relentlessly heterosexist chick flick it was more lesbian than L-Word. And I love that the lesbian who doesn't play one in this movie or on TV, has the steamiest, most alabaster skinned, and way too brief, sex scene. Can't wait for the DVD extras.

Yes, they are white and rich. Yes, they marry because they can. Certainly those pre-conditions can smooth the way for friendship. But sometimes they don't. For Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte it works because they talk. Male critics say endlessly. The friends speak their unspeakables. They forgive each other. They go on. They are there for each other.

Obama and Clinton gals - let's get it on! And get on with it.

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Haha, sex and the City. I once watched an episode of that, with Serena!

I love it that a chick flick took over. Maybe we can now get a bit more respect as an audience and get more films made of interest to women. Most films have roles for half a dozen men and one woman. Because apparently men are people and women are only needed as garnish. Action films with no humanity bore me to death. Films with interesting dialogue and fully realized characters are what I yearn for. These days its much easier to find on TV and the movies are generally a wasteland--except for the LGBT film festival, of course.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in action again at the Center Garden Party!

One quibble. We believe Cynthia Nixon plays for our team (the bisexual/fluid/no label team.) She spent many years with her children's father and being in love with a woman now doesnt negate that...it just adds to it.

Yes, there are those of us who are capable of being in love with a woman or a man and no, unlike the unicorn, we are not a myth.

I'm dying to see the movie. I loved the show.

What Bidar said about Cynthia Nixon. :)