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This woman was escorted from the area just before the ceremony was to take place...she kept yelling that this was not a marriage and this was not the will of the people.

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Robert Ganshorn | June 17, 2008 10:46 AM

Many things that have occurred in the creation of the country were not the "Will of the People." The Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights were not the will of the people, but the gift of enlightened men. (sorry, White men too)

Even though to vote one had to be male and a landowner (more than just a house lot) it was still presented as a gift to Americans by what European History books call "An Assembled Group of Notables."

Courts have given us horrible rulings like the "Dred Scott Decision" and miracles like "Brown vs Board of Education." It can be argued that none of these were the will of the people.

Most significantly, the will of the people is unimportant, as between the Electoral College and the fact that the United States is a Republic the only protection the individual has is the Bill of Rights anyway.

Now, if this young lady, (who appears to be of African American descent) would prefer to return her right to vote, not be a slave, have no right to education, or hold property in her own name she would be the natural result of the will of the people.

The miracle of America is the rights of the individual to overturn the tyranny of the majority.