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Hillary Clinton suspends campaign

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And delivers a wonderful speech endorsing Obama. It seems like a good time to post this video again.

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tobyhannabill | June 8, 2008 3:48 PM

The Big Picture

As a volunteer for Wilkes-Barre/Luzerne County for Obama, and now a PA Democrat, I have received hundreds of e-mails after Tuesday nights results came through. Although most of them were congratulatory several were hostile and/or angry.

As I have stated in previous writings, it has always been my intention to back whichever candidate won the nomination. Am I happy, of course I am. It is what I have worked so hard to achieve. Would I have been disappointed if the results were different, of course I would have. But would I let it distort my vision of the big picture. No I would not.

Regardless of Tuesday or Saturday. History would have been and has been made. Now is a time for us to unite as a Democratic Party and put our support behind the contender that will beat McCain in November. I only hope that as peoples emotions calm down that they remember what this is really about.

It is about unity.

It is about change.

It is about progress.

No longer words, but ideals.

Ideals we need to stand behind and recognize as the big picture.

radthinker | June 8, 2008 6:31 PM

Sounds great, except that the DNC decided to not honor the "fair reflection" of the will of the people from Michigan. Oh yeah, there is also the blatant sexism and misogyny perpetrated by the MSM and BO supporters/surrogates.

As someone that has campaigned on behalf of Hillary, I cannot follow her decision. I think we all can agree that she was forced to do what she did. I am a supporter of hers, not a follower. This is bigger than her. The issue at stake, is the hijacking of votes and hijacking of the party by the left.

You are very misguided if you believe your "presumptive" nominee has a lock on the presidency. BO and his supporters have thrown insult after insult at Hillary and her supporters. Now they want to court our vote, at the same, stressing that our votes are not necessary to win.

I cannot forgive what this party has allowed. Not once did the "uniter' come out in defense of his fellow colleague, and ask that his supporters abstain from gutter politics, coercion and bullying of voters at caucuses, bussing students to caucuses of states where they do not reside (illegal), vile and abusive language towards fellow democrats via blogs, or at rallies, negative campaigning (yes, he did), lying and flip-flopping(yes, he did), throwing the bird at another presidential candidate, and dusting her off her shoulders(not presidential, much less dignified), playing as background music to his win in Iowa, jay-z's, "I've got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one of them"(yes, he did), and the worst of all, plying the race card right before South Carolina voted Yes, he did).

Do some research, and try to be objective. That's something the MSM failed to do.

I'm not there yet. I might never bring myself to vote BO.

Yes, there is a big picture out there. I "hope" I painted a good one for you to see. But I guess if you don't agree, you will just "change" it..."Poof, said the magic dragon".

Wow, Rad. Her speech was much more gracious than your screed. I'm glad you're not her speech writer or the country would be severely divided.

Question: Have you ever worked for a losing campaign before? I have. You're angry, disappointed and hurt. Then you get over it and work your ass off for the primary winner.

No one has ever built anything by simply throwing stones.