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How to get ahead in conservative circles without even trying

Filed By Bil Browning | June 12, 2008 3:00 PM | comments

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While I'm sure the Manhunt Indianapolis area was booming this week, herpes isn't the only gift the Southern Baptist Convention gave us. What's better than yet another blatant example of their hypocrisy? This would be comedy gold if it weren't so sad. This is all from the same article:

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) - The conservative Southern Baptist Convention elected an American Indian as its president on Tuesday in a sign the historically white denomination is starting to diversify
Hunt played down his native connections at his first news conference after being elected.

Asked what he felt were the biggest challenges facing the American Indian community, he replied: "I've been gone from there a long time. I've been hanging more with the Anglos, so to speak to it would be an uneducated guess."

That's diversity in action! I cut out some of the middle, but I think it speaks for itself. Of course, Hunt opposes any and all things LGBT.

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American "INDIAN?" Seems their so-called "diversity" does not include identifying Hunt with the more acceptable term of "Native American."

Hell, American Indian came from Reuters, Monica!

I remember reading a survey a while ago saying that American Indians generally prefer that term to "Native American" because the latter is cold, bureaucratic, and they had no choice in the matter. I can't find it, but I did find Russel Means on the subject.

Then again, it's generally preferred that one use the tribe instead of either term. So the SBC now has a Lumbee president.

I don't really see what makes us think that he was a diversity hire, although I wouldn't put that past the SBC.