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I'm in it to win it

Filed By Bil Browning | June 12, 2008 6:30 PM | comments

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I'm so flattered that all of you think so much of me. I never expected to featured on the news. Who knew this thing would go this far?

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It's great that you're getting so much support, but I can't vote for the Constitution Party candidate, especially after you ran that ageist TV ad against John McCain entitled "It's 3AM, and John McCain's fallen and he can't get up. How's he going to answer that phone?"

Sorry, Bil, but you aren't getting my vote.

(giggle) So, there is a company that has created a fake news story and if you pay them some money, they will insert your name in it digitally. It is so funny. I noticed they didn't once say your name and the digital effects on the bus was a bit shaky. No matter, I got a laugh out of this, and you go my vote. Thanks.

*spews coffee all over laptop*

Oh sure, Monica. Give out a spoiler. Now who's going to think I'll be the next President? *grins* (But I didn't have to pay anything; it's free. You can do it yourself to mess with your friends too!)

Bil: I know how disappointed you'll be, but I have already promised the Obama campaign that I'll vote for him.

However, I think we have finally found his perfect choice for Vice-President.

Vice-President Browning has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Yes, indeed, it does.

I'm certain that you could do a much better job than the current incumbent in that position.

I think we should start a petition: "Browning for Vice-President!" Where do I sign?

You seem to find the goofiest things. It's what makes coming to this blog so much fun.

Oh, and I was in the video production business for 7 years in the 80s, so I have a critical eye for things like this. But, it doesn't make it any less fun.

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | June 13, 2008 10:46 AM

Bil, I got an anonymous call asking me if you would consider Larry Craig as your running mate, and if so, what was the best way that the Idaho senator could get in touch with you. I can check out a two-way ticket to Minneapolis for you if you want me to.