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Lindsay Lohan- Gay Hero?

Filed By Waymon Hudson | June 22, 2008 9:00 AM | comments

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I tried to not write about this. I really did. But it's gotten to a point where I couldn't overlook it.LindsayLohan_Kambouris_14016584.jpg

Gawker.com, the media gossip website, has christened Lindsay Lohan a gay hero. What has she done to deserve this title? Has she marched for LGBT rights? Come out swinging against hate crimes? Donated large sums of money LGBT causes?

Nope. She might have a girlfriend and hasn't publicly denied it. According to Gawker:

Here's what's cool: Lohan has been entirely matter-of-fact about the whole affair. She's continued to appear in public with her rumored lover. There has been no moaning from her about private-life intrusion from the media, and no cries from her cougar mom to 'Leave Lindsey ALONE!'

Well! Break out the rainbow flags and start singing "We are family"... She hasn't denied being gay! What a hero!

We all know I'm not one to pick at celebs (except for that time with Tori Spelling... but she was asking for it), but calling Lohan a "hero" for not launching her media PR machine (i.e. her mother) to stop possible lesbian rumors DOES NOT make her a hero.

At a time in our history when we see true heroes for our community- like Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, Ellen DeGeneres, Bishop Gene Robinson, or countless others- living openly and fighting for the rights of all of us, why on earth would we even consider a self-destructive starlet a hero for simply not vehemently denying she might live on the isle of Lesbos?

Lohan.pngI think we throw around the word "hero" way too easily nowadays. So Lohan has been photographed with Samantha Ronson kissing and cuddling. Great for her! I certainly wish her the best. She certainly hasn't completely come out. Yet Gawker seems to think that because Lohan isn't denying the rumor (which in itself insinuates that being gay is a scandal to be denied, but I digress) that she should be leading the next Pride parade.

Well, I guess LA Pride did have Paris Hilton as grand marshal one year, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

So to Lohan, I say be yourself and find happiness. To Gawker, I say get a reality check and start looking at some of the real heroes of our community.

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I kinda wish I could stop being told who to worship, especially when it's people who don't do anything besides worship themselves and either give cues that they might be gay or say something nice about gay people (in the latter case, they end up on the cover of The Advocate!).

On the other side of this, though, am I going to have to put up one of Lindsay Lohan's awful songs as a Queer music Friday soon?

If you do put up her music, be sure to let me know so I can put my ear plugs in...

Alright, I have to comment on this, simply because Waymon posted it. Take a careful look at that kiss in the photo. That is clearly a closed-lips kind of kiss you would give to your mother. Come f***ing on! That isn't the kind of lesbian kiss I have grown to know and love. Po-leeeezzzeee!

And, the term "hero" is also not deserved here. In my opinion on this over-blown "superstar" is that even if she gave money, marched for our rights and cried at a Transgender Day of Remembrance, I would still not give her that label. She has to earn it, like the people Waymon mentioned.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | June 22, 2008 9:55 AM

I think Lohan wants to give Kathy Griffin new material (like she needs any). How about that, a celeb the Gays don't want! The female Tom Cruise!

Robert, I think you're on to something. I'm picturing an all new sitcom starring Kathy Griffin, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise with... Steve Carrell as the star. It's all about trying to pay the bills while struggling toward celebrity. Or nothing. (But that's been done before.)

Or maybe Steve could be the host and the other three are "the panel" on a revival of some old game show. They could call it "Whose dime is it anyways?"

How can anyone figure that non-acting druggie Lindsey Lohan should be a hero for anyone other than crack dealers and bartenders?

I don't want to claim her, or her friends Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, as any sort of hero suitable for any person.