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Marriage Bill Passes AZ Senate

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On Friday, the Arizona Senate passed SRC-1042, which would amend the state constitution to prohibit marriage equality, with 16 votes. This, of course, was after the fundies failed to get enough votes on Wednesday to pass the damn thing. They were so desperate for it to pass that they called people back from vacation to vote. This means that the amendment will now be on the November ballot. According to the Associated Press:

Arizona voters rejected a similar state constitutional amendment in 2006. That measure would have also stopped the state from recognizing civil unions of same-sex couples.

Arizona law already prohibits same-sex marriages. Supporters say this proposal would protect the sanctity of families by preventing judges from overturning the 1996 state law.

The Arizona Republic made some very interesting points about the debate over this bill:

In the end, the marriage amendment was one of the few measures to survive Friday with the Legislature playing the role of executioner before adjourning after a marathon 166-day session. Going down in defeat were bills to create a state-run temporary guest-worker program and set standards for renewable energy use by government buildings and schools.

The House and Senate adjourned shortly after 10 p.m. Friday. . .

It was a legislative session that was otherwise dominated by the budget, as lawmakers sought to close shortfalls of $1.2 billion for fiscal 2008 and $2 billion for 2009. They completed the budget Thursday, after the Senate worked through the night Wednesday.

The marriage referendum was the most significant issue that remained after the budget - an issue that had dogged the Legislature for months, after several long delays and near-defeat.

OK - clearly people have some fucked up priorities if homophobia ranks hire than resolving the immigration issue, helping the environment, and balancing the state budget. Oh yeah . . . and don't forget that Karen Johnson had to give up her vacation for this. WTF?

We'll keep you posted as to the goings on of Equality Arizona and the efforts to defeat the amendment.

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So the Arizona Senate wants its' citizens to vote for state sanctioned bigotry, hate and dicrimination. It's a shame the Obama camp can't use this against McCain by making it a real issue between the national parties, huh?

Yes Folks, now we vote on civil rights in some of our United States.

Cutting the vacation short so she can vote against the queers is one of the sickest, most vulgar displays of blatant hatred of teh gays I've seen in a long time.