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Obama & the Orgasmic Orgy of Approval

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There are few times in my life where I hoped the mainstream media was right about their reporting. Last night and today, the Team Clinton seems to be packing up and getting ready to call it quits. Superdelegates are lining up to spew forth their support for Barack Obama all in one cascading, orgasmic orgy of approval.

One can only hope. Damn, there goes that word "hope" again.

But is my wanting Camp Clinton to finally concede hope or heightened desperation? How many millions of dollars has Obama wasted defending himself against Hillary Clinton since Super Tuesday?

How much more traction has McCain received because of his free ride to June?

I hope Clinton is not offered up as a VP choice. I really don't believe she can be trusted, especially after her backstabbing over Michigan. She promises one thing and then does another. I am frankly tired of that kind of politics. Sick of it, in fact. If she is the VP choice, what in the Hell will you do with Bill? I used to think Bill would be a good choice for Sec of State or some other position where he would excel at. Now I think, after his horrible performance this campaign season, Bill would do nothing but stab Obama in the back in an attempt to "set-up" Hillary to be President.

Unlike Rev. James Cleveland, I do feel always tired.

SPECIAL REQUEST FOR TCD FANS: The San Francisco Chronicle is pondering the addition of new cartoons for their paper - a process that seems to be initiated by Darren Bell, creator of Candorville (one of my daily reads - highly recommended). You can read the Chronicle article here and please add your thoughts to the comments if you wish. If anything, put in a good word for Darren and Candorville.

I am submitting Town Called Dobson to the paper for their consideration. They seem to have given great weight to receiving 200 messages considering Candorville. I am asking TCD fans to try to surpass that amount. (I get more than that many hate mails a day, surely fans can do better?)

This is not a race between Darren and I, it is a hope that more progressive strips can be represented in the printed press of America.

So if you read the San Francisco Chronicle or live in the Bay Area (Google Analytics tell me there are a lot of you), please send your kind comments (or naked, straining outrage) to David Wiegand at his published addresses below. If you are a subscriber, cut out your mailing label and staple it to a TCD strip and include it in your letter.

[email protected]


David Wiegand
Executive Datebook Editor
The San Francisco Chronicle
901 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

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