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Queer music Friday - Grizzly Bear

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Here's Grizzly Bears "Knife."

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And out front-man Ed Droste talking about breaking the gay mold, after the jump.

AE: Along with Grizzly Bear, artists such as Chris Garneau, Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras and Antony of Antony and the Johnsons are breaking the gay male musician mold.
ED : I'm surprised you didn't mention Final Fantasy or Patrick Wolf, and the lead singer from Deerhunter, Bradford Cox.

AE: Those are other good examples. But you're all essentially breaking the mold, or reinventing it, if you will.
ED : What is the mold? Are you going to use Rufus [Wainwright] as an example? [laughs]

AE: I was going to say Bob Mould, but the difference is that you and Rufus and some of the others have all been out right from the start.
ED : I think it's funny that a lot of our straight fans don't realize that I'm gay, because they don't read the gay publications. And the straight publications don't feel the need to write about it, which is nice. I don't care if they do, but it's not really defining of the music.

AE: But do you see yourself fitting into the realm of queer musicians?
ED : I think anyone can fit in. I don't think it's an exclusive scene. There are tons of different types of gay musicians that are doing music. Dear Hunter is a total shoe-gazer/My Bloody Valentine type of thing. Patrick Wolf is very theatrical. And we're just sort of folky. So, sure -- why not? I fit in. I'm not stressed about it. [laughs]

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You should hear Grizzly Bear's cover of "He Hit Me, It Felt Like a Kiss." So good. I also think that its Deerhunter, not Dear Hunter.