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Queerview Mirror - Nashville Star Hurts Our Eyes . . . And Our Ears

Filed By Waymon Hudson | June 14, 2008 3:00 PM | comments

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Editors' Note: Queerview Mirror is a review from two of our editorial team, Serena Freewomyn and Waymon Hudson. If you'd like something reviewed, feel free to pass it on. If they like you, they might look at it, otherwise - suck it.justin_6872.jpg

Serena: Hey sexy, did you watch Nashville Star this week?

Waymon: OMG. It was such a train wreck!! It's like Lady Liberty ate American Idol and crapped out Nashville Star... LOL

Serena: I know! So gay - and not in the good way!

Waymon: All the "God bless the USA" crap. And they can't sing. Although, the model guy is HAWT!!!!!

Serena: LOL. The black guy was cute. But then, I might be a little biased.

Waymon: Really? The one black guy on a country show named COFFEY? Why not just call him Sambo or something. How racist can you be!

Serena: What if that's his real name? But of course you took a racial joke away from it, because you're a racist.

Waymon: True. But seriously. That was the only black guy that sang country? Someone named "Coffey"? That's all they could find? NBC is like the new Fox....

Serena: What is with Billy Ray Cyrus and that flavor savor on his chin? Have I mentioned that I'm totally opposed to chin pubes?

Waymon: He is so gross. He kept saying weird things to the young girl contestants . . . It's like hillbilly heaven - underage, over-sexualized young girls, bad country singing, and one black man that seems to be a walking stereotype.

Serena: LMAO! Totally!

Waymon: At least Coffey knows his place.... Lordy!

Serena: I know! OMG - those little girls singing the Dixie Chicks were way too young!

Waymon: I know! And Jewel's crazy response? Love her!! But let's talk about the hot guy. Did you like the underwear shot they showed of him? Gratuitous beefcake much?

Serena: I do love a beef cake - even if i'm a vag-etarian.

Waymon: Ew... He can't sing, but DAMN, I'd let him do whatever he wanted!

Serena: That's just because you're a slut!

Waymon: True, true. Anthony kept slapping me when he came on screen. He's like total Waymon eye candy

Serena: LOL! I love that you drool over other guys with your husband sitting right next to you. Shameless.

Waymon: He even paused it for me on the underwear shot of the guy. That's true love. Who says we have to assimilate and define our relationship by societal standards...

Serena: Way to subvert the heteronormative paradigm.

Waymon: Hell yeah. I told you I'm no June Cleaver.

Serena: Except for the pearl necklace. Dirty!

Waymon: That made me laugh and throw up a little at the same time! Hawt!

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So apparently we're the only losers who watched that show. I'm not surprised. So You Think You Can Dance is a MUCH better show!

I agree! I loooove "So you think you can Dance"!!

Nashville Star will totally be one of those shows I record and watch after a few drinks with my hubby. I like seeing Jewel get crazier and crazier. She's like the new Paula Abdul! Sweet!

Plus, I'll take any reason to see that cute Justin Gaston try and sing...

I don't watch Nashville star. I've never seen an episode, but I was laughing my ass off reading this post!!!

This is your best queer view mirror. Y'all belong on Bravo. Or on the radio. You could totally rival Howard Stern. This was classic.

But could you really write a queer view on "So you think you can dance?" Is there enough dramz? Those dancers are like rubber bands, the way they can move. Is there enough material in the show for a queer view?!

Are you up for the challenge? Haha.

Glad you liked our high-class humor, Joy. I was thinking of us less as Howard Stern and more like the new Queer Oprahs (wait, that's kind of redundant)...

So you have thrown down a challenge to us with "So you think you can Dance"? We can mine any show for comedy gold.

We will totally bring it in the next review!


I've never seen the show. But I'm disappointed you didn't put up the pics of that guy in his underwear. Now I have to surf to another site for my "country loving." *grins*

I'm making sure to tune into "So you think you can dance?" this week." LMAO.

Go Freewomyn!