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QueerView Mirror- So You Think You Can Dance

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Editor's Note: Queerview Mirror is a review from two of our editorial team, Serena Freewomyn and Waymon Hudson. ChelseaNThayne.jpgIf you'd like something reviewed, feel free to pass it on. If they like you, they might look at it, otherwise- suck it.

WAYMON: Let me be the first to say "So you Think You Can Dance" is the best show on television!

SERENA: Not to mention the gayest...

WAYMON: What? Just because it's all cute boys in dance belts and hawt girls in fierce costumes with feathers and sequins? How is that gay?

SERENA: Well, when you put it that way...

WAYMON: I really think this is the best competition show on TV. The people actually have talent and have to work their butts off to learn those routines in like two days.

SERENA: I know! I mean, it's no "Nashville Star", but still- it is quality all the way.

WAYMON: Smart ass. So who are your early favorites?

ComfortChris.jpgSERENA: I loooved Comfort! She is so hawt! And then the little uber queer guy is good too.

WAYMON: The "uber queer"?? That doesn't narrow it down at all. I really like Thayne (he's cute and has such a fun personality) and Kherington. I hated her in the auditions because she was so cheerleadery, but now I think she is a super star!

SERENA: Wait, so what the hell is up with the names on this show? Comfort, Thayne, Kherington, Twitch... Were all their parents high?

WAYMON: It sure seems that way. But enough about the dancers- what about the nut job judges?

SERENA: Oh my god! Nigel is just a mess!

WAYMON: Like his "you dance like you have a broomstick where the sun doesn't shine comment"?

SERENA: He seems to know way too much about that. Although I can't get past his big fake horse teeth...MaryMurphy.jpg

WAYMON: You and me both. What about Mary Murphy? She is a whole bucketful of crazy!

SERENA: She's not as drunk as Paula on American Idol, but she comes damn close.

WAYMON: All I can say is that I want to ride the hot tamale train! Woo-Woo!

SERENA: You are such a freak.

Waymon: And that's why we get along. Now I'm off to my Krumping lessons...

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My absolute favorite television show of the summer!

Twitch was so freaking hot on the last episode, though I think the judges have been overrating him as a dancer. I don't think he's bad, I just don't think he's as good as some of the others.

I think Gev is hot and underrated, though his female partner is my least favorite left in the contest. I also think the judges have been overly hard on Matt.

My favorite woman is Courtney (the one who dances with Matt). She's beautiful.

Love the judges, love the variety in dancing styles. Sooo envious of the talent. If I could go back 30 years and been born in a city instead of on a farm, I would have tried to become a dancer.


I'm gonna hit up media for this show and try to get some DVDs to give away on my site. I'm just SO damn busy.

I barely watch this show. I've probably watched 5 episodes of the entire SYTYCD series but I LOVE this show!

Nigel has issues. I think a lot of the dancers he says no to are actually good. Can you imagine him on the dance floor? And he honest to God loathes fat people. He's fug, he shouldn't be talking.

And Mary? She's like Rachel Ray on laughing gas and Marie Osmond on drugs. I love her, though, but her voice (and everything else) is annoying.

Great Queer View Mirror choice. ;)

It's definitely the gayest show on television. Almost every male dancer sets off the ole gaydar. And what was up with the guy from last year showing up in drag?

We forgot to metnion how much I love Mia's hair. HAWT! But the whole comment about butching it up for the krump dance? Nigel needs to get over his internalized homophobia and let these little queens dance their hearts out instead of telling them to butch up.