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Shia Lebeouf: Heartthrob or Homophobe?

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Indiana Jones co-star Shia Lebeouf caused quite a controversy this week when a video of him using a homophobic slur was leaked to Youtube. According to

The video - which circulated around the Internet on Monday but has since been taken off YouTube - was recorded several years ago, LaBeouf's rep told E! online.

In it, LaBeouf appears to be at a house party where, in an attempt to entice his friend into a slapping contest, the star calls the friend an anti-gay slur - and gets hit in return.

Unlike Isaiah Washington (of the T.R. Knight debacle), Lebeouf apologized immediately. LaBeouf's rep says,"He regrets having used the word in any capacity and is very embarrassed that this footage is being seen by anyone."

Umm, maybe that's because Lebeouf knows he has a gay following and Washington is just, well, tragically stale looking? Whatever the reason, he's got good PR folks working for him. Washington should take note.

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One must remember that career of "movie star" calls for good facial features and hair, the ability to memorize and deliver lines of script, a cadaveriously thin figure, and a lot of luck. It does not call for genius or any particular ability to think rationally, as many movie stars have amply demonstrated over the years. Yet, we think societally that the Shia whatevers of the world have something significant to say because they are stars. I, for one, will not be forwarding Shia's qualifications to MENSA anytime soon.

I don't care. Heartthrob. Total hottie. I'd even smack him without the name calling if that's what he's into...

I wish we could say what he said was uncommon....

Great post!!! :)

LMAO @ Bil's comment. Dayum, horny are we?

I think the context in which Isaiah used the F-bomb was a little different and he outed one of his co-stars.

But Katherine Heigl kept running off at the mouth about how much Isaiah sucks. So many people wouldn't let it die and Isaiah's comment was current, whereas Shia's comment was from old footage.

What's confusing to me is how gays use "faggot," just like some black people use "nigga."

It all sends mixed messages and it's strange. People within a group will always insult members of their same group with derogatory language. To an outsider, it's so confusing.

Basically, keep your mouth shut and don't allow anyone to shoot video or audio footage of you EVER!

Quite frankly, the people who are condemning Shia for using this word are hypocrites. How many times have they used a derogatory word, in jest or to be malicious? See, I find it odd that no one takes note of the fact that Shia also called his friend a "b****." So because he used that word as well, does that mean that I and my fellow women should fly off the handle and call him a "woman hater"? No! It was clearly said in jest.

The people who condemn Shia because of what he said really need to grow up and find something better to do with their time. For instance: Maybe they could work on their own flaws, instead of condemning others for their own flaws?

Then again, I suppose it's easier to pretend to be perfect than to admit that you aren't.

I still support you, Shia!

I can think of many reasons to not take the actions of Shia too seriously but I think it important to comment that just because others use the F word does not make it okay, either by straights or gays. The term is a hate term and has no other purpose. Shame on you Linda for trying to make this an appropriate action. Steve

FYI, Steve: I wasn't trying to make what Shia said appropriate. I hate the words that he used. However, I have common sense and I realize that there was no maliciousness.

Next time, ask me what I meant instead of slinging false accusations at me. You'll find that we'll get along better that way.