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Something Ain't Right With My TiVo!

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Shame on you, TiVo. First you partner with James Dobson and Focus on the Family -- a partnership that has created a "SuperDad Essay Contest" we all know isn't looking for any GBTQ dads -- then you deny that the partnership really exists. Or exists that much. Or just more than a little bit.

Parent celebration days -- Mother's Day, Father's Day -- can be quite difficult for LGBTQ-headed families. Teachers often don't allow children with two moms or two dads to make gifts for both. The greeting card aisle doesn't feature a "From One Dad to the Other" line. People don't understand when children try to talk about the makeup of their families.

What seem like minor inconveniences to many are actually powerful challenges in family life. Celebration is tempered with hesitation. Good feelings find it hard to just be good.

Every group has the right to celebrate holidays the way they want to, but we should all be outraged that a major national entertainment company like TiVo has sidled up with one of the biggest, most outrageous haters out there -- Focus on the Family.

That's why Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of Family Equality Council, has submitted a letter to TiVo CEO Tom Rogers outlining the concerns of LGBTQ parents and asking TiVo to dissolve its partnership with Focus on the Family. We are asking our supporters to create log-ins at the "SuperDad" contest site and nominate the gay, bisexual, transgender and queer dads in their lives. We have also created a petition aimed at TiVo to show the company -- and the world at large -- that our community is large enough and strong enough when you count all of our many friends, extended family members and supporters to stand up to the mega-organizations like Focus on the Family.

You can read Jennifer Chrisler's letter here and sign the petition here.

For those of you nominating dads in the contest, we're asking that you copy the text of your nomination and email it to [email protected], as well. We want to keep track of the great nominations on our blog and use them as a resource to show others the power of our personal stories in the future.

I'll keep you updated on the actions we take -- here and at Family Equality Council's Blog. Thanks in advance for any actions that YOU take.

Kudos to Jeremy Hooper at Good As You, who, if I'm not mistaken, broke this story to LGBTQ bloggers Thursday morning.

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Keep us updated in case TIVO moves one way or another. I saw on Joe.My.God. that they're denying whether or not it's an official endorsement/partnership.