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The GOP, Tiaras and the Delusion of Being a Queen

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How can Cindy McCain aspire to a tiara when her husband is trying to hide all the queens?

This week brought news that America's most notorious recipe robber is devoted to the delusion that she might be Lady Di... and that her husband still believes it possible to keep anything in Washington on the sly.

First came the report, from the site GayPatriot, that the GOP's new "Gipper" sat down with Patrick Sammon of Log Cabin Republicans to discuss... um, well... something "productive," it seems.

"We've had a series of productive meetings with the campaign since Sen. McCain won the nomination--including a recent meeting with the Senator," Sammon told the press. "We expect to have more conversations with the campaign as we head toward November."

That must having been interesting, indeed.

In fact, it must be downright uncomfortable to be a gay voter in a room with the Senator who once said that gays "pose an unacceptable risk" to the straight people they serve alongside in the military. Or to have to explain, as a student did recently during a town hall meeting, what "LGBT" even means.

And, in a particularly telling scenario, the McCampaign didn't even put the Log Cabin meeting on the Senator's public schedule.

(Translation from Straight Talk: That means "unashamed, unembarrassed and proud.")

Apparently, the "big tent" has room for a closet, too.

Senator McCain may do well to ask his wife, who told the press this week that she fancies herself a modern American Diana, about what it was that made Lady Di so endearing to her people. It was, of course, her determination to reach out and embrace those society had left behind, her tireless work to help the sick, and her willingness to thumb her nose at social conventions in order to make a progressive political point.

There's more, after all, to being royalty who's adored than a wispy blonde do and having the air of an heir. And there's a difference between being a princess and a Princess, with a capital 'P.'

So the McCains might want to start with aspiring to Diana's heart, rather than the crown on her head. It was she, John and Cindy should note, who once said that "I want to be a queen in the people's hearts, but I don't see myself being the queen."

Even real royalty had fewer delusions of grandeur than does Princess McSame.

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And the GOP and their Luddite acolytes have the chutzpah to call the Obamas 'elitists'

The only thing they have in common is blonde hair. And Cindy's is dyed...