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Queerview Review- Ugly Betty Finale Leaves Us Hangin'

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Editors' Note: Queerview Mirror is a review from two of our editorial team, Serena Freewomyn and Waymon Hudson. If you'd like something reviewed, feel free to pass it on. If they like you, they might look at it, otherwise - suck it.

Waymon: Hey darlin!

Serena: Hey foxy lady, what's shakin'?

Waymon: So last week we didn't get to talk about the season finale of Ugly Betty because we were so excited about the Sex and the City movie.

Serena: I know! I loved it - that was one cliffhanger of an ending! Who do you think Betty is gonna choose? Gio or Henry?

Waymon: I hope Gio. I hate Henry, although he has a hot nerd body.

Serena: He does have a hot nerd body. But Gio is the bad boy, I always like that!

Waymon: But he's sweet, too.

Serena: This is true - he got a carriage for Betty on her birthday, and he wanted her to see fireworks. Plus, in the finale, he had the best line ever! "I don't want to be the rebound guy. I want to be the guy!"

Waymon: I know! I think I fell in love with him a little right then.

Serena: Me too! But what's with coach being married? He should have told Hilda from the start!

Waymon: I was so pissed! Poor Hilda! And he was so cute! He was good to Justin, too.

Serena: Yeah, but she is gonna be with him. I can tell from her reaction.

Waymon: Yeah. It was a good set-up for drama and struggle for next season. And poor Amanda! No Gene Simmons as her daddy! But she loves her gay! He is her family!

Serena: I know! I almost cried a little because all my fags = family.

Waymon: Me too! What about Alexis turning into a bitch! Screw her for screwing over Daniel! (whose new son is SOOOO gay!)

Serena: Totally gay. And French. But Alex would be the expert on that one. I am a little sad about Alexis. But "you're Whila-meaner than ever?" Great line!

Waymon: I know! My fav! It made me giggle.

Serena: What are we gonna do this summer without our Betty? We might have to start watching Swingertown or some other tawdry show!

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I'm really hoping Danny Junior and Justin become an item next season.

I'm also hoping Betty chose neither guy, that she decided to go on vacation by herself. If not, then my vote is for Gio.

As the finale was getting closer, I was skeptical that it would be as powerful as last year's close-out with Carlos and the car crash. I thought that the shortened season left a lot of storylines truncated and I wasn't feeling it. Then I saw the actual finale episode and was blown away.

Jere, I love the idea of Danny Jr and Justin getting together! I hadn't thought of that!

i REALLY enjoy that y'all are ugly betty lovers like's such an underrated show!

I felt like the finale was SOOO rushed. I'm so over Henry it's not even funny. It was so painful watching Betty throw that baby showers for his baby momma, she was totally shut out at the end, you can't compete with a baby. He's a great guy, but they are not right for each other, kind of like Aidan and Carrie?!?!?!?

Gio together forever!

Matthew, Serena and I are completely obsessed with Ugly Betty. It is a sickness.

I think the finale was a little rushed too. I wonder how much the writer's strike affected the ending...

The one thing we forgot to talk about in the review is CLAIRE MEADE! I looooved Judith Light! She rocks my world. And "Hot Flash Magazine"?? Loves it!

And I agree- I love me some Gio.

and what about Hilda and coach hot pants!?!?

that's wonderful! I think the abuelo needs a love interest too....

what do you think, a little gloria etephan walk on for the grandpa?

The coach will soooo be back next season. He is way too good-lookin' to be gone.

And I love the idea of a love-life for Papi! He had the one crazy stalker when he was going to get his citizenship, but a real love interest would be great!!

I want to know what the heck happened to Marc's cute little BF? he was so sweet and just disappeared! What the hell?

Nothing's Wila-meaner than getting rid of a character with no explanation.

I think he is still around. I heard marc say in passing once or twice in the last 10 eps that he had "plans with cliff" - shit like that. Referencing him without bringing him back. They cram so much shit in one episode that i'm sure they will bring him back for another 'B' story line or three next season.

I will have to go through my UB iTunes library later to see when he last mentioned him. What a great bf for marc, i would date Cliff in a hot second. Good men are really hard to find.

ps: when do you think Marc will turn on Wilamena. He is so much nicer than the schemes he participates in. I think it's only a matter of time before he turns on her.

something to think about...

there's nothing i can add to this discussion except that I think the fact that the star's name is "America" is cool. I knew an America once.

Alex, I thought you hated America? Isn't that why you are in France? ;)

I also know a woman here named France. She's a pretty annoying person who's incompetent at her job.

The America I knew in college was a pretty cool person and active in the school's latino organization.

So, overall, and based on my huge sample of 2, I'm going to conclude that American women named "America" are cooler than French women named "France." And for no reason at all, I'm going to make that conclusion mean that America is cooler than France.

Matthew - I agree! I think Marc is eventually going to turn on Whilemina. He's truly a good guy at heart. And WTF happened with Cliff? I LOVED him! Papi TOTALLY needs a little love interest. I'm thinking Chita Rivera. He's already said he hearts her.

Waymon, I can't believe we left Claire out of the discussion. Her character is so fucking queer. How much did you love her relationship with her cell mate? Totally a lezzy.

Also, Also - it's about time the GAYEST thing about the series got some queer loving - JUSTIN! He's gotta be what a junior/senior in high school now? It's time he lost a certain something, or at least get a queer story line.

Season 3, here we come!

Matthew - not quite. In the penultimate episode, Betty is helping chaperone Justin's "Junior High Dance" - so he's in 9th grade tops.

Jere, rats, you are so right!

However, in my defense, there have been continuity issues with the show as Papi has said as couple times that Justin founded and is the president of the high school drama club.

wow, gay!

One has to love a show that finally appeals to ALL of the LGBT people AND straight people. I would like to see Alexis deal more with her trans issues, and I would love to see Rebecca R. wear the "Trans and Proud" button I passed onto a friend to give her at the HRC National Dinner. I was outside protesting. We saw pictures of her wearing it when she was at the podeum. She is way hot.

Monica, I agree! I think Alexis is absolutely gorgeous! I would like to see her deal with the trans issues more, although they are pretty good about making sure it is always brought up (like when Daniel reminds her how he defended her after advertisers threatened to pull out). I would love to see her develop a real romantic relationship as well. Who knows! Maybe next season!

And Matthew, I think my fav Justin moment is when the hot coach agrees to let him choreograph the dance team for gym credit. :) I would have loved that option in school...

Nobody mentioned Wilhemina Hater, I mead Slater?

I love me some Vanessa L. Williams. She has a gift for playing bad girls. I'm curious as to what going to happen between her and her sister Dominique.

And Papi Suarez does need a new love in his life.

I so want to be Wilhemina. Seriously. She is the best TV villian in YEARS. I can't wait to see what happens with her baby too. I can just see her with a Prada papoose strapped to her chest with a baby hanging in it. All without spilling her cocktail, of course...

Waymon - LMFAO! I can totally see it now!

And you are soooooo right! She makes being evil look so GD fabulous!

I would so be her gay in a hot second. Move over, Marc! Waymon's coming to Mode!

Waymon, I didn't think I could possibly love you any more than I already do. But if you were a Mode gay, I would SOOOOOO be your Amanda!

We would rule that office. We would be the Wila-meanest EVER! I think we might already be the Marc and Amanda of TBP. :)

Wait, does that make Bil like our Wilhemina Slater since he's the boss here...?

No, I think he's more of a Judith Light.

Waymon and Serena, I would love to be your Alexis, but I won't ever see enough money in my lifetime to get that kind of renovation. I'd also have to grow another 4 inches, at least. She is so damn hot.

Remember her lesbian kiss last year? Alexis needs to meet up with more of Alex's exes. It would steam my glasses.

Damn, 23 days before my girlfriend and I are together again. (Steam, steam.)

Monica, you can be my Alexis any day! :)

I agree, Rebecca Romaijn is so ridiculously hot. I loved her in X-Men and she's only gotten more beautiful. And that lesbian kiss? loves it!

And Serena, Bil would never survive in the slammer like Claire Meade did. He's just too soft. Then again, he might enjoy it... LMAO