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Can ya'll believe it's already June? I can't! So much has already happened this year. Obama and Hillary have squared off for ages. Obama's finally got all the math right. The SATC movie came out, David Cook won American Idol, Betty had to make a choice between Gio and Henry, and the New Kids on the Block got back together. Phew!

While all that's been happening, it's no wonder you might have missed some of the great stuff on TBP. Here's what happened this week:

A Father By Any Other Name - Donna Rose
LGBT Familes Day: Rights or No Rights, We're Still Parents - Sara Whitman

Just a Thought About Health Care and John McCain - Alex Blaze
Black Pride Parties to a Different Beat - Rev. Irene Monroe

The Incrementalists' Dirty Little "Secret" - Rebecca Juro
Perez, Leno Win California Races - Karen Ocamb

Why is EMILY'S List Endorsing Anti-Semitism & Homophobia? - Bil Browning
Gays and Lesbians Should Wed With Their Wallets - Nina Smith

Can We Really Define Man and Woman? - Guest Blogger Monica Helms
Carpooling on the Straight Talk Express - Kate Clinton

P.S. Another great week for the ladies. Hey ya'll!

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Hey - Are the Indiana people okay?

And then, Serena, there was this little gem. Dustin Hoffman on Jay Leno one night:

What's that line that Chris Rock came up with? John McCain is so old that he once owned Sydney Poitier.

Proof positive that Geraldine Ferraro isn't the only one who has foot-in-mouth disease in regards to discussing race.