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3 questions for John McCain during his visit to Indy

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Since McSame is visiting Indianapolis today in an attempt to raise some badly needed cash, the DNC sent me "Three Questions John McCain Won't Answer Today." They were intriguing even though they're not LGBT related so I thought I'd pass them on.

1. When John McCain addresses the National Sheriffs Association, will he explain why he has repeatedly voted against the COPS program, which has put tens of thousands of police officers on the streets - including nearly 1,600 in Indiana?

2. How does John McCain square his promise to pay for his plan to extend the Bush tax cuts he once opposed by vetoing every earmark that crosses his desk with the fact that local law enforcement programs are frequently funded by earmarks?

3. Since John McCain promised that NAFTA would produce 316,000 new jobs, will he explain why he thinks more than 1 million jobs have been displaced (including more than 35,000 in Indiana) and why he has repeatedly voted against efforts to help displaced workers?

With Obama putting staff and cash in the state and polling at a statistical tie with McSame, how often do you think we'll see both candidates often this election cycle? Or will McCain write off Indiana to focus on bigger states? With the economy and unemployment ranking as our number one issue, I don't see McSame wanting to address his same-as-BushCo plans with Joe Hoosier...

The DNC's statistics and bullet points are after the jump.

Indiana Law Enforcement Agencies Have Received Over $120 Million In COPS Funding.
As of March of 2006, law enforcement agencies in Indiana had received over $120 million in funding from COPS grants. ["COPS Quick Facts For The State of Indiana," , 3/3/2006]

COPS Funding Has Lead To Hiring Of Over 1,500 new Police Officers In Indiana.
As of March of 2006, "COPS grants have funded 1,581 additional police officers and sheriffs deputies to engage in community policing activities, including crime prevention, in Indiana." ["COPS Quick Facts For The State of Indiana," , 3/3/2006]

COPS Funding Has Aided Nearly 280 Indiana Law Enforcement Agencies.
As of March of 2006, "279 local and state law enforcement agencies in Indiana have directly benefited from funding made available through the COPS Office." ["COPS Quick Facts For The State of Indiana," , 3/3/2006]

Majority of DOJ Earmarks Fund Law Enforcement Programs.
"Typically, the majority of earmarks within the Department of Justice involve State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance, Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), and the juvenile discretionary grants." [CRS Report, 1/26/06]

McCain Predicted 316,000 New Jobs in 1993.
Similarly, the NAFTA could result in the creation of 316,000 new jobs in this country, as well as tens of thousands of jobs in my home State of Arizona, in addition to adding considerably to overall economic output in Arizona, the United States and Mexico. President Clinton says that we must have safeguards to protect our workers and the environment. I agree that it is important that we negotiate these side agreements, but they should not forestall moving forward on the underlying agreement. [Congressional Record, 2/18/1993]

NAFTA Net Displacement Was 1 Million Workers.
A 2006 Economic Policy Institute study found that NAFTA had displaced just over 1 million jobs in this country, and net job loss of 16,000 in Arizona. [Scott, Salas & Campbell, Revisiting NAFTA, 9/28/2006;]

Indiana Has Lost More Than 35,000 Jobs, Second Hardest Hit State In America.
According toe the Economic Policy Institute, the 10 hardest-hit states in terms of jobs lost as a share of total state employment are: Michigan (-63,148, or -1.4%), Indiana (-35,157, -1.2%), Mississippi (-11,630, -1.0%), Tennessee (-25,588, -0.9%), Ohio (-49,886, -0.9%), Rhode Island (-4,482, -0.9%), Wisconsin (-25,403, -0.9%), Arkansas (-10,321, -0.9%), North Carolina (-34,150, -0.9%), and New Hampshire (-5,502, -0.9%) (Scott 2005, Table 1-3).

McCain Voted Against Job-Retraining for Workers Displaced by International Trade Agreements.
McCain voted against a Moynihan amendment to maintain the worker retraining assistance part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which provides job retraining for workers laid off as a direct result of an international trade program such as NAFTA. The amendment was to a bill that would repeal these training services but would retain the income assistance part of the program. The amendment was passed on a 52 to 45 vote. [S 143, Vote 482, 10/10/95; Passed 52-45: R 7-45; D 45-0]

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