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A people's history of the American empire

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This has to be one of the best history lessons our schoolchildren will never learn.

A People's History Of American Empire By Howard Zinn

Whether it's the idea that all of our founding fathers were devout Christians or the notion that our westward expansion and massacre of the natives was "manifest destiny," Americans are spectacular at shoving our heads in the sand. If it might reflect negatively on the good ole' US of A, we don't want to acknowledge it.

Jerame and I watch the History Channel often and we both love the "true history" shows that pull back the curtain on some of the "truisms" of American culture. Too many Americans don't want to spend the half hour or hour learning about something, so perhaps that shorter version will open their eyes a smidge.

But I doubt it.

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 12, 2008 10:43 AM

The first time I took an overseas vacation my family was beside itself. How could I vacation outside of America where everything was "perfect." People avoid "inconvenient truths" but love trivial scandal.

I would recommend Gore Vidal's "1876." Not a new book, but still, eye opening for our interpretation of history. If you would rather watch search out "The History of Oil" on utube. Funny and accurate.

Complacency is easy when it's all that a person knows. Unfamiliar with anything better (thanks to the media), lulled by a sense that the battles are happening "over there," which allows them to relegate them to a lesser sense of reality, and given the ruling class' Machiavellian abilities of spin and manufacturing common enemies (including GLBT, but more specific to nations elsewhere in this discussion), the public at large will still remain largely and blissfully unaware.

George Carlin: "American was founded by slave owners who informed us, "All men are created equal." All "men," except Indians, *****, and women. Remember, the founders were a small group of unelected, white, male, land-holding slave owners who also, by the way, suggested that their class be the only one allowed to vote."

This video also comes in book form.

It is difficult for many people to accept that supporting a political party that has always participated in imperialism (Democrats) is not likely to change anything.

But not this year, right?

That's a neat little video.

But of course kids can't learn about that at school. That's like American hatred.

I love this quote:

"The American empire has always been a bipartisan project."

Thanks for posting, Bil.