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Another Bush Knife In The Back

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Bush has broken his promise to the G8 Summit and has now rejected the regulation of greenhouse gases.

The Bush administration on Friday rejected regulating greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, saying it would cause too many job losses.

In a 588-page federal notice, the Environmental Protection made no finding on whether global warming poses a threat to people's health, reversing an earlier conclusion at the insistence of the White House and officially kicking any decision on a solution to the next president and Congress.

The White House on Thursday rejected EPA's conclusion three weeks earlier that the 1970 Clean Air Act "can be both workable and effective for addressing global climate change." Instead, EPA said Friday that law is "ill-suited" for dealing with climate change.

This contrasts sharply with the tone of statements President Bush made at the just-concluded G-8 summit of leading industrialized nations in Toyako, Japan. The United States at that meeting joined other summit partners in embracing a policy declaration to seek a 50 percent reduction in global greenhouse gases by 2050.

Sure, let's just wait some more. The North Pole ice cap will always be there. Antarctica's ice shelfs won't float past Australia and Africa.

We have all the time in the world... now, don't you feel more relaxed once you are wrapped in blankets of denial? It is so warm in there.

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Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 12, 2008 6:52 AM

Wouldn't a Texas twister through Crawford be nice about now?

Thanks Bear!

Rumor has it that the flying saucer people near Stephenville, Texas earlier this year came looking for signs of intelligent life, and decided to start with the President, at his ranch near Crawford. Finding someone obliviously willing to let his own planet drown / melt / implode, they decided not to bother making contact and departed on their merry way.