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Big Brother 10 Jessie Godderz is naked (and gay?)

Filed By Bil Browning | July 30, 2008 3:00 PM | comments

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My fascination with CBS's Big Brother (and the regularly scheduled scandals) is well documented. godderz1_5.jpgLast season I found a picture of one gay contestant's bare butt on MySpace and then caused a bit of a stir for posting graphic pictures of James Zirkand's gay porn past. (Link NSFW)

This season's uber-stud is Jessie Godderz. The professional bodybuilder has also done some modeling and the naked pictures of the BB10 contestant are starting to hit the web. And, of course, as a service to Projectors, I'm putting them on the blog for everyone to see. (Clickety to embiggen)

While Jessie's "friends" are busily shopping his modeling shots around the web, they're also claiming that the narcissistic muscle man is hiding in the closet. "He isn't ready for his parents, or the public, to know [that he is gay]. Jessie isn't actually open with his sexuality, but he doesn't hide it too well either," they told Gay Socialite.

Possibly NSFW pictures and video after the jump.

bb10jessienaked2.jpgFans of the show are split on just how sexy Jessie truly is. Our house is no different - Paige thinks "he's hot!", Jerame thinks he looks good with his clothes on, and I think he's too damned big, vain and stupid to be sexy.

Personally, I agree with Andy Towle about Jessie's sexuality: He's narcissexual. He'd rather have sex with himself than anyone else!

No matter if he's gay, straight or whatever, I'm sure he's made plenty of fans on the show. Now that the gay contestant has already been booted from the show, I have to find someone to root for. I'm more of a Renny fan than Jessie's though. I love the way she's constantly picking at him.



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Wilson46201 | July 30, 2008 4:10 PM

I agree with Paige ~~ I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers...

He's a total jerk on the show (yes, I am a die-hard Big Brother fan), but I could look at him all day. And what kind of friends does he have that would shop his photos around and spread his private life around? Not so nice...

And Bil, those pictures aren't that scandalous. You usually dig up much dirtier ones.... :)

Where's the self-righteous crowd who always has to try to ruin everyone's fun whenever Bil posts pics like these?

I only showed butt, Chuck. I'm guessing if I put up pics of Jessie sucking dick, they'd be here. *grins*

Wilson46201 | July 30, 2008 10:46 PM

Oh go ahead and post all those photos of him sucking dick and lets see if the naysayers show up...

Let me beat Bob Ganshorn to say this in a comment: Lor mak mak!

As a naysayer, I say that I'm completely offended by this post. I wanted some fisting action.

Then again, that's something I could say about almost every post on this site. Definitely not enough fisting pics.

Chuck--Bil's posted nude pics of himself? And people complained?!?!

Sheesh. Some people have no taste. *tsk*

bigolpoofter | July 13, 2009 3:17 PM

AMEN, Alex, on the fisting pics! Would be such a hot scene watching these meaty musclebear paws and thick furry forearms sink between Jesse's shaven ass cheeks.

No, wait.... a guy with as much attitude and vanity as that prick doesn't deserve the pleasure of a fist bouquet from Daddy!

he's an ass hole. i realy cant look at him in the show. he bothers me. and his pics arent wow.
and because his personality so asshole i dont think his gay, and at the same time i think he likes to get fuckd. haha