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Brit Soldiers Paid To Attend Gay Pride Events - Breeders Outraged!

Filed By Storm Bear | July 02, 2008 3:45 PM | comments

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From The Telegraph:

Homosexual soldiers are to be paid travelling expenses to attend Gay Pride parades, while troops are not allowed to claim for trips to the Queen's Garden Party.

Gay troops have been told they can submit claims for their car mileage or train tickets to marches in London on Saturday and in Brighton next month.

Heterosexual soldiers have criticised the move saying they are not allowed to claim money for trips to important functions, including the Queen's Garden Party.

It will also be the first time Army and RAF troops will be allowed to march in uniform, Royal Navy soldiers are already allowed.

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He he... bless the breeders. The difference between Pride and a garden party with the Queen is that one is a public outreach event (for which expenses could be claimed as it is technically army work) and the other is just a private party.

Now I'm assuming that when the army goes to community events in uniform elsewhere their travel expenses are also paid? If not then it is unfair.

But I suspect it's just the Torygraph getting it's knickers in a twist over nothing as always. Shame such an esteemed newspaper has descended in to tabloid paranoia.