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The initiation caption this

Filed By Bil Browning | July 30, 2008 12:00 PM | comments

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George Bush initiates another young convert into Skull Al-Bones by teaching him the secret "terrorist fist bump"


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"He he he... I need to borrow your hand to count to ten. Countin's hard- it's hard work! If you don't do it, the terrorists will win."

"Damn! This kid's hand is almost as big as mine. I'm the President! I'm suppose to have the biggestist hands. It's in the Constitution!"

"Hey, dude. I'm the Prez and I'm the baddest Mo-Fo on the planet. I can push the Button with this fist. Don't mess with me."

"The hand bone is connected to the . . . the . . . Help me with this, kid."

"See this fist, Kid? If you don't let me spy on your cell phone calls, I'll whoop yer ass with it."

"What's your green armband, for? Mine means I want to kill anything that's green"

For more than fifty more captions, ya'll might want to go here:

where Joe first asked for captions for this photo.

I'll bet that's where the reader sent it in from then. I know the guy who sent it is a JMG reader.

I missed that on Joe's though - I'll head over to read his captions since it bombed over here. I'll bet yours is a doozy! :)

Now that even Dubya is doing the fist bump, doesn't that obligate the New Yorker magazine to put him on its next cover making like a Muslim terrorist?

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 31, 2008 2:05 AM

George Bush demonstrates the only thing he has in common with Michelle Obama

"I don't get the whole same-sex hand holding thing. Is this how it works?"

Yeah, OK, I'm bad at these things.

Rock paper scissors oh dam the kid did rock to.I think I'll just send the kid and his parents to cuba that'll teach them not to beat the Pres.Yeah I'm the pres I got the power,Power to the pres yeah that's me he he.

Rock paper scissors oh dam the kid did rock to.I think I'll just send the kid and his parents to cuba that'll teach him not to beat the Pres.That outa wipe the smirk of the little jerk.